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Kansas Exhibits

General Information

Those responsible for setting up and taking down exhibits need to treat them with care. If there are any repairs needed on exhibits, please report them to the State Office Public Affairs Staff.

A Nomadic exhibit frame is provided for the Nomadic exhibits. The state office has four Nomadic frames with carpets ranging from a table top (5' x 7 1/2') to three floor models (one approximately 8' x 8' and two 8' x 10'). One 8' x 10' frame with end caps only for use with exhibit panels is also available. Lights are available upon request. Each area office also has a table top frame for loan. The table-top frame must be requested from the area office or the state office. It is not automatically sent. An instruction sheet explaining how to set up, tear down, and repack the exhibit is included. Please be sure this instruction sheet is returned with the frame and that any mailing instructions for returning the exhibit are followed.

The state office also has one Downing Board. The Downing Board is placed on a table. A 6-foot table can be used; however, an 8-foot table works best for an exhibit display. Each area office also has a Downing Board for loan. Downing Boards must be requested as they are not automatically sent with the requested exhibit.

Plain table skirts (size 7' x 13' in blue or gray) are available to use with any of our exhibits. A reversible blue table shirt with the NRCS emblem on one side and the conservation district emblem on the other side is also available.

Various banners and headers are also available. Contact the State Office Public Affairs Staff to see if one is available to meet your needs.

If you desire any accompanying materials with the exhibit (i.e., publications), you must request them.

To Request Items From State Office

Unless otherwise instructed, requests for any of the items should go through your area office. If an item is available from your area office and it is not in use, please use the one at the area office.

Reserving Kansas State Office Exhibits

Downing Boards

(Click on image for larger image.)

Conservation Planning - Investing in Our Future (2007)

Explains what NRCS offers in regards to Conservation Planning.
Photo of Conservation Planning Downing Board
Good Stewardship on Kansas Grazing Lands (2007)

Depicts how NRCS can assist farmers and ranchers in managing their rangeland.
Photo of Good Stewardship on Kansas Grazing Lands Downing Board


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Kansas Conservation Partnerships (2012)

This exhibit is a self-contained roll-up banner that stands on the floor. It highlights the partnership with the NRCS, Kansas Association of Conservation Districts (KACD), and the Division of Conservation (DOC), Kansas Department of Agriculture. It is approximately 85 inches tall and 33 inches wide.
Kansas Conservation Partnerships
Pollinators (2011)

Promote the importance of pollinators by using these bright, eye-catching bannerstands. Titles: You Can Help Pollinators; Bees Pollinators; Butterflies Pollinators; Beetles and Other Insects Pollinators. Use all 4 bannerstands or just one, two, or three. Bannerstands measure approximately 80" tall and 34" wide. The publication "Be a Friend to pollinators," PA 2046, is available to support this exhibit. Order from the NRCS Distribution Center,
Pollinator Bannerstand
Recruitment (2010)

Three recruitment bannerstands highlight Career Opportunities, Employer of Choice, and You Can Make a Difference. The bannerstands may be used separately or as a group. The approximate size is 32 inches wide by 80 inches tall. The bannerstands do not need to be fully extended to their maximum height. They may be shorter and placed on a table, if desired. Do not allow graphic to "snap" into stand. You may want to weight the base if using where wind is a factor.

Each area office has a set of the recruitment bannerstands or two sets are available from the State Office.

Photo of Career Opportunities bannerstand

Sustainable Agriculture (2014)

This exhibit is a self-contained roll-up banner that stands on the floor. It highlights conservation assistance available for organic farming, high tunnels, energy, and specialty crop production. The approximate size is 32 inches wide by 80 inches tall.

Sustainable Agriculture Bannerstand

Large Nomadic

(Click on image for larger image.)

Cooperative Conservation (2007)

This exhibit shows the support roles provided by the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts, State Conservation Commission, and NRCS in the delivery of voluntary conservation programs at the local level. Four photos show scenes of partnership, private lands, voluntary and on-site solutions.
Photo of Cooperative Conservation nomadic display
Protecting Our Grassland Treasure (2008)

This exhibit highlights the Grassland Reserve Program (GRP) in Kansas.
Photo of Protecting Our Grassland Treasures display
Working Together - Keeping Watersheds Healthy (2006)

We all live in a watershed. This exhibit depicts that everything we do in our watershed affects the soil, water, air, plants, and animals and reminds us to work together to keep our watersheds healthy. This exhibit is a partnership effort of the NRCS, the State Conservation Commission, and the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts. Contact the Public Affairs Staff for supporting educational materials.
Working Together - Keeping Watersheds Healthy Nomadic Display
Working with Trees (National Agroforestry Center, Lincoln, Nebraska)

Exhibits for the Working with Trees series are available from the National Agroforestry Center. Visit the National Agroforestry Web site to view these exhibits - select "Multimedia" from the top menu and then click on "Displays." There are also accompanying brochures for each exhibit. Instructions are available on their Web site to request and exhibit and/or brochure.

NRCS Distribution Center