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Ron Davis

Ron Davis Can't Imagine Any Other Kind of Career

Ron Davis surveying for a wetland restoration project.Ron Davis began developing his passion for the land in 1967 when he was a freshman in high school and the local Soil Conservation Service (SCS) district conservationist, at Lincoln, Kansas, was recruiting for the Neighborhood Youth Corps. Until he graduated from junior college, Ron worked during the summer at the SCS office for the Corps, the conservation district, and SCS as a WAE. Ron learned field work by accompanying the soil conservation technician.

Ron portrays his jobs, first as a soil conservation technician and now as a civil engineering technician, as the best jobs you could have. He likes working in the field, interacting with people, and seeing the progress from what he designed for them.

He describes developing a plan when he first started full time with SCS in 1975.

He met the farmer on the land and listened to what he wanted. The farmer told him to meet him at the house when he was done, he’d have the iced tea ready and they’d discuss his design. Ron went to work developing a plan with two or three options and met the farmer back at his house. The farmer questioned what this young employee had done since it wasn’t how the farmer had envisioned it. After Ron explained it to him, he won the respect of the landowner.

In 1990 Ron began working as a civil engineering technician in southeast Kansas, designing wetlands for acres enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program. He enjoys seeing a finished WRP contract, and its success.

"Wetland success!" Ron says, "It adds up to improved water quality, protected river bottom ground so it doesn’t wash away, improved wildlife habitat, and maybe increased dollars for lease hunting."

Ron is a respected trainer, and he has provided field experience over the years to 10 new employees, seven still with the Agency who now work as technicians, a district conservationist, a resource conservationist, and a state conservationist. He says it makes him feel good that he had a part in their early careers.

During his career, Ron has worked to gain the respect of the landowner, contractors, and co-workers which he values highly. Those who have worked with Ron provided the following accolades: good career employee, dedicated, conscientious, knows practices, technically sound, if you give him a job it will be done right, does a consistently superior job.

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Featured NRCS Employee - Ron Davis (PDF; 72 KB)