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News Release

David Kraft 2012 Rangeland and Pastureland Conservationist of the Year Award

David Kraft with wife Jan and son JohnDavid Kraft, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) State Rangeland Management Specialist, Kansas received the 2012 NRCS Rangeland and Pastureland Conservationist of the Year award at the Society of Range Management (SRM) Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City recently.

David has authored several feature articles that have been provided to organizations such as the Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition, and newspapers throughout Kansas. Most notably, he authored an article on the use of prescribed fire that was widely published in 2010. David is a highly respected feature speaker at conferences, meetings, and workshops on rangeland-related topics throughout Kansas. David has spoken at numerous annual meetings of professional organizations, producer group conventions, and conferences over the past 20 years. David’s presentations are always well received by those in attendance as he often can be seen standing in the middle of a large group of attendees after the meetings have concluded, answering follow-up questions and providing additional details. David is a regular speaker at grazing schools throughout Kansas and has been the featured speaker at grazing symposiums throughout Kansas.

As the Kansas NRCS State Rangeland Management Specialist, David keeps NRCS field office staff up-to-date on relevant topics. Over the past two years, Kansas has been in a severe drought. David has traveled across Kansas visiting with producers one-on-one and in coffee shop meetings about the importance of having a drought plan and knowing when and how to implement the plan. As a cattle rancher himself, David can relate to the tough choices producers in Kansas face.

David is a Certified Professional in Rangeland Management by the SRM. He has served in various positions in the SRM including president and director of the Kansas Section. David is a valued member of the rural community where he lives. For several years, David coached high school basketball and now serves on his local school board of education.