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USDA Outreach

USDA Outreach Serves All Kansans

These USDA agencies provide the following services:

Farm Service Agency - (785) 539-3531

  • Market transition program payments for wheat, corn, sorghum, barley, oats, cotton and soybeans.
  • Marketing assistance loans for the above crops plus minor oilseeds, honey and mohair.
  • Support programs for livestock, tobacco, peanuts and other crops.
  • Direct and guaranteed farn ownership loans and farm operating loans.
  • Loans to beginning farmers and youth.
  • Disaster, emergency and conservation financial assistance.

K-State Research and Extension - (785) 532-5820

  • Results-oriented programs to improve economic, environmental and social conditions.
  • Issue-based education developed in four core mission areas:
    • Agricultural Industry Competitiveness
    • Natural Resources and Environmental Quality
    • Youth, Family and Community Development
    • Food, Nutrition, Health and Safety

Risk Management Agency - (785) 228-5512

  • Facilitates implementation of a sound, equitable Crop Insurance system.
  • Offers Risk Management Education.
  • Coordinates Dairy Options Pilot Program.
  • Promotes a quality insurance product and professional service.
  • Assures fair and equitable service to all participants.
  • Supports reinsured company efforts to increase participation and retention.
  • Implements regional risk management strategies.
  • Addresses program fraud and abuse.

Rural Development - (785) 271-2700

  • Home ownership loans.
  • Home improvement and repair loans and grants.
  • Community facilities loans and grants.
  • Water and wastewater disposal loans and grants.
  • Business and industry loans.
  • Cooperative Services.

Natural Resources Conservation Service - (785) 823-4500

  • Technical and financial assistance through partnerships with local county conservation districts and state conservation agencies.
  • Voluntary programs for natural resources management, including soil conservation, wildlife habitat, grassland improvement, water quality, and wetlands creation and restoration.
  • Soil survey activities.
  • Resource conservation planning assistance.
  • Emergency disaster recovery.
  • Plant materials development and improvement.
  • Watershed protection, flood control and resource development.

This information is also available for download and requires Acrobat Reader.

USDA Outreach Serves All Kansans (PDF; 263 KB)