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Playa Country Radio

Playa Country is a weekly radio show that discusses the wildlife, wetlands, and prairies of the western Great Plains, and the people who mange them. A recent series discussed soil health and cover crops.

No-till and Cover Cropping Help Retain Moisture in Sandy Soil - September 1

Many producers have converted to no-till, and now progressive farmers are learning to cover crop to keep soil covered after harvesting a cash crop. Ryan Speer is such a producer. He farms in central Kansas along the Arkansas River south of Halstead.

Cover Crops Provide Forage and Improve Soil - August 25

The Thompson Farm and Ranch straddles the Kansas-Nebraska line. Drought in this region is entering its fourth year. The Thompson family uses no-till practices to grow dryland wheat and corn and also run cows.

Choosing the Right Cover Crop - August 18

Playas benefit from practices that result in good soil health. Improving the health and quality of the soil is one of the easiest and most effective ways producers can increase crop productivity - hence profitability - while benefiting wildlife and improving the environment.

Good Soil Health Practices Benefit Playas - August 11

Playa wetlands benefit from practices that result in good soil health. The Natural Resources Conservation Service says there are four principles to improving soil health: 1) keep soil covered as much as possible; 2) disturb the soil as little as possible; 3) keep plants growing throughout the year to feed the soil; and 4) diversify as much as possible using crop rotation and cover crops.

Playa Country is sponsored by Playa Lakes Joint Venture, Rainwater Basin Joint Venture, Westar Energy, and NRCS.