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Rule 5 Guidance

A Rule 5 Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan is required on all wetlands, ponds, waste storage facilities and lagoons with disturbances over 1 acre and may be required on other practices such as access road, heavy use area protection and manure composting facility if disturbing over 1 acre.

Documents require Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel

Link to NOI form (PDF, 30 KB)

Link to NOT form (PDF, 164 KB)

NRCS Guidance Document (DOC, 34 KB)

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Form (DOC, 39 KB)

Excel version of Standard Drawings (XLS, 381 KB)

ACAD version of standard drawings (DWG, 134 KB)

If you have any problems with document files on this page, please contact Beth Clarizia at the NRCS Indiana state office at 317-295-5821.