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Conservation Planning Tools

NRCS provides technical assistance to address natural resource concerns through the Conservation Planning Process. Conservation Planning tools such as Customer Service Toolkit assist in this effort. Links related to Conservation planning tools, references, and help documents are available here.

Customer Service Toolkit
Customer Service Toolkit (Toolkit) is the primary conservation planning tool used by NRCS, conservation districts, and technical service providers. Toolkit is used for conservation planning of approved conservation practices. It is integrated with Microsoft Office and ArcGIS software for the development and management of Conservation Plans, using tabular data and spatial data.

Released in 2003, the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2 (RUSLE2) estimates soil loss from rill and interrill erosion caused by rainfall on cropland. The four major factors of climate, soil, topography, and landuse determine rates of rill and interrill erosion. A RUSLE2 user applies RUSLE2 to a specific site by describing field conditions at the site for these four factors. RUSLE2 uses this field description to compute erosion estimates.

WIN-PST is an environmental risk screening tool for pesticides. NRCS field office conservationists, extension agents, crop consultants, pesticide dealers and producers can use it to evaluate the potential of pesticides to move with water and eroded soil/organic matter and affect non-targeted organisms.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the conservation planning tools listed on this page, please contact Jennifer Chen by e-mail at: or by phone at: 317-295-5847