It is the policy of the Natural Resources Conservation Service to use the biological sciences (a) to develop and improve soil and water conservation measures that help  maintain fish and wildlife as integral components of all ecosystems such as forest, range, cropland, and aquatic ecosystems; (b) to protect the habitat of threatened and endangered species of plants and animals; (c) to safeguard unique ecosystems; (d) to develop and maintain an esthetically pleasing, high quality environment.  These goals form the basis for the development of the Biology Technical Standards, Biology Job Sheets and Biology Technical Notes found below.

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NOTE: The most current Program Job Sheets can be found on the Indiana NRCS Program page.

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This directive is used by the National and State Offices to issue procedures and information on specific scientific and technical subjects, tested for NRCS use.  The most current NRCS Biology Technical Notes can be found here.

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The Indiana NRCS Biology Standards can be found at the NRCS Indiana FOTG web site

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