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Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Program

Introduction to Program: Purpose, Goals and Objectives:

The Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) is a nationwide collaborative process of individuals and organizations working together to maintain and improve the management, productivity, and health of the Nation's privately owned grazing land. GLCI was developed to provide for a coordinated effort to identify priority issues, find solutions, and effect change on private grazing land.

There is a National GLCI Steering Committee and many state committees throughout the country. Coalitions, made up of individuals and organizations, represent the grass root concerns that impact private grazing land. Concerns are expressed to the public and agency officials in an attempt to address the issues impacting private grazing land.

GLCI seeks to strengthen partnerships, promote voluntary assistance and participation, respects private property rights, encourages diversification to achieve multiple benefits, and emphasizes training, education, and increased public awareness.

Through GLCI efforts, Congress has identified funds in the NRCS budget to be used directly for technical assistance and public awareness activities to support conservation activities on private grazing lands. 

This assistance will provide owners and managers of private grazing land information to make management decisions and use the latest and best technology that will conserve and enhance private grazing land resources.

For additional information go to the GLCI Web site at or the NRCS National Web site at

Application process: Step-by-step with timeframes for actions

There is no formal application process.  Local NRCS staff should contact their designated Grazing Land Specialist when producers need assistance with grazing land.

Forms Required:

No forms are required.

Indiana contact information:

Victor R. Shelton, Grazing Land Specialist, Vincennes, IN
Phone (812) 882-8210 x8; Fax (812) 886-3748

Susannah Hinds, Grazing Land Specialist, Lafayette, IN
Phone (765) 474-9992 x123; Fax (765) 474-1140

Robert Zupancic, Grazing Land Specialist, North Vernon, IN
Phone (812) 346-3411 x118; Fax (812) 346-4237

Barry Fisher, State Conservation Agronomist, Indianapolis, IN
Phone (317) 295-5850 Fax (317) 290-3225

Shannon Zezula, State Resource Conservationist/State GLCI Coordinator, Indianapolis, IN
Phone (317) 295-5888 Fax (317) 290-3225