Indiana NRCS GIS and GPS


This page contains information to assist NRCS employees and partner in the use of GIS and GPS software and hardware in Indiana Field Offices.  the information is designed to fit internal workflows and may not be suitable as general information.  Any use of trade, product or firm names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.


LAST UPDATED - 06/11/2013
This section shares brief notes on the latest NRCS Indiana GIS and GPS news and site updates.

New website layout implemented - 06/17/13
Numerous new and updated Task Guides posted - 06/17/13
Engineering GIS Tools updated to version 1.1.9 – 06/17/13

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains documents which answer frequently asked questions relating to GIS and GPS.


GPS Units

This section contains guides for GPS units in the field. Each section for hardware covers the functions and use of the respective GPS unit. The sections on DNRGPS and BaseCamp cover data transfers with the units. See the section on ArcPhoto for working with photos from the Oregon units.

Oregon 550(t)

Garmin GPS Map 78(s)

Garmin GPS Map 76(s)

USDA Backpacks


This section contains guides for using DNRGPS. 


This section contains guides for using BaseCamp. 


This section contains guides for using ArcMap


This section contains basic guides for using ArcPhoto within ArcMap 10.0.

GIS for Engineers

This section contains quides about using GIS tools for NRCS engineering workflows


This section contains tools developed for use within existing CCE apps for various workflows.

NRCS Engineering Tools 1.1.12 (Zip; 4 MB) – 10/07/2014
This is a set of tools for ArcToolbox to streamline basic analysis of elevation data for NRCS engineering workflows.

Indiana Compliance Slide Resource
USDA staff in Indiana use 35mm slides of USDA historical imagery from each county collected between 1979 and 1994, for a variety of tasks. To preserve the images on the slides, Indiana is scanning the slides into digital image files for distribution to USDA staff in the local Service Center Offices. The map shows the current progress on the initial goal to scan at least six years of the historical slide imagery from each county which are critical to support wetland conservation compliance evaluations.


Indiana LiDAR on Open Topography


ArcGIS Online Training
ESRI offers training courses on its Virtual Campus which are available to NRCS employees and SWCD employees under the ELA. Employees are welcome to take any web course from the Virtual Campus so long as the course is compatible with their currently installed version of ArcGIS (typically 10.0) and as approved by their supervisor. Please keep in mind that these courses are typically for general knowledge in the use of ArcGIS and will not use examples or exercises specific to USDA-NRCS or the Customer Service Toolkit application. For assistance with specific Indiana procedures for Toolkit or ArcGIS please refer to the other guides on this page or the Indiana Toolkit web page, or contact Indiana’s Toolkit and GIS support staff.

Customer Service Toolkit
If you have questions regarding the use of Customer Service Toolkit, please view the information on Indiana's Conservation Planning Tools page.


If you have questions regarding the documents or contact on this page, please contact Chris Morse at: 317-295-5849