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Federal Women's Special Emphasis Program

The Federal Women's Program Manager puts special emphasis on improving employment and career opportunities for women in government service, increasing respect for the work of women at all grade levels, eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace, and addressing current issues of importance.

The Federal Women's Program seeks to:

  • Increase professional opportunities for women,
  • Eliminate barriers and discriminatory attitudes that hinder women from moving into certain occupations or high-level positions,
  • Increase self-confidence for female employees through education and training to make them more competitive,
  • Create awareness in management and employees of the need for greater sensitivity to their co-workers, and
  • Identify problems and solutions in the recruitment and retention of women in the federal workforce.

The Federal Women's Program Manager

  • Develops and implements an annual FWP plan in conjunction with the AEP plan and the CRC,
  • Provides information to all employees and keeps them informed of FWP activities,
  • Consults with female employees interested in self-development and advises DEOO of the concerns of female employees,
  • Identifies new and changing program needs,
  • Contributes to the development of the overall EEO program,
  • Attends, participates, and delivers quarterly progress reports at CRC meetings, and
  • Assists in the recruitment efforts and establishes and maintains effective relationships with women's organizations and groups.

Nursing Mother's Support Group Meetings

If you would like to participate in a Nursing Mother's Support Group Meeting:

  • Call:  1-888-844-9904
  • Passcode:  4854 184
  Tuesday, Noon Eastern Time Thursday, 3 PM Eastern Time
May 1 8
June 3 5
July 8 10
August 5 7
September 9 11
October 7 9
November 4 6
December 2 4


  • Federally Employed Women
    Federally Employed Women (FEW) is a private membership organization working as an advocacy group to improve the status of women employed by the Federal government.
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Women's History Month

Contact Information

For more information about the Federal Women's Special Emphasis Program, contact Brianne Lowe at: 317-295-5834.