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Civil Rights Committee Members

The Indiana Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Civil Rights Committee is responsible for assisting and advising the State Conservationist in the development and operation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program. The committee will solicit from supervisors and employees suggestions on all phases of the EEO program. The Committee provides feedback on the progress of the EEO program and advises the Assistant State for Operations on the development and implementation of the Affirmative Employment Plan (AEP) plan, Plan of Operations and progress reports, and identifies emerging program areas needing attention. The Committee serves as a vehicle to develop and promote the EEO program among all employees.

The committee consists of the following people. If you have a concerns or questions please contact one of these people.

Civil Rights Committee Members, Special Emphasis Program Managers




CRC Assignment

Daniel Phillips Cartographic Technician SO Black Program Manager
Kelley Barkell Soil Conservationist NE American Indian/Alaska Native Program Manager
Akhtar Soomro Cartographic Technician SO Asian American/Pacific Islander Program Manager
Lindsay Martinez Soil Conservationist SW Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager
Brianne Lowe Easement Program Specialist SO Federal Women’s Program Manager
Evan Smith Soil Scientist NW Veterans Program Manager
Evan Smith Soil Scientist NW Disability Program Manager
Hilary Coe Soil Conservationist NE Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Program Manager
Cindy Muffett Area Program Specialist NW CRC Member
Wes Slain District Conservationist NE CRC Member, Chairperson
Kathy Judd Area Program Specialist SE CRC Member
Kristi Kennedy District Conservationist SW CRC Member

Special Emphasis Program Managers are selected by the State Conservationist through competitive process and serve 3-year terms.

Civil Rights Committee members are recommended by the Civil Rights Committee and Leadership Team members and appointed by the State Conservationist.  Civil Rights Committee members serve 3-year terms, with the option of reappointment for a maximum of 6 years.

 Officers (Chairperson and Secretary) shall serve a 2-year term.

 Standing Civil Rights Committee Members

  Name   Title   Area   CRC Assignment
Jane Hardisty State Conservationist SO Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer
Deb Montgomery Business Services Specialist SO Business Services Liaison Officer

Jill Reinhart

ASTC Partnerships


Equal Opportunity Liaison

Jerry Roach

ASTC Programs


State Environmental Justice Coordinator