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Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program

The Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program works toward enhancing equal access to all employment opportunities for Asian Pacific American employees within NRCS. The program manager seeks to accomplish the following goals through this special emphasis program.

  • Promote and establish effective and equitable participation of Asian Pacific Americans in the work force
  • Enhance career development and advancement of Asian Pacific American employees in NRCS
  • Encourage awareness of the impact of Asian and Pacific Islander cultures and contributions
  • Improve under representation of Asian Pacific Americans
  • Market natural resource conservation programs to the Asian Pacific American communities
  • Develop annual objectives for Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program
  • Provide information to all employees and keep them informed of Asian Pacific American activities
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with Asian organizations and groups
  • Participate in recruitment efforts
  • Contribute to the development of the overall Equal Opportunity program
  • Deliver quarterly reports at Equal Opportunity Committee meetings


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Contact Information

For more information about the Indiana NRCS Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program, please contact Akhtar Soomro at: 317-295-5858