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Illinois Field Handbook - Notice 72

United States Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service
2118 W. Park Court, Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: 217/353-6600 Fax: 217/353-6676

February 3, 2014

210 – ENG
Notice IL72

SUBJECT: ENG – National Engineering Handbook (NEH), Part 645, Engineering Technical Materials

Purpose. To distribute revised IL-ENG standard drawings.

Effective Date. Upon receipt.

Explanation of Changes. This notice distributes 14 revised standard engineering drawings. Details of the revisions are listed on the attached “Revised Drawings” sheet.

This notice continues with the change in the way Illinois NRCS standard drawings with multiple pages will be presented. In this release, drawings with multiple pages are contained in a single file to streamline user access. Three formats are now supported: .dwg, .pdf, and .dxf.

The geotextile material specifications have been updated for drawings released with this notice that include geotextile.

The Illinois NRCS engineering website will be revised to reflect the updated drawings:

Filing Instructions. Optional. Holders of hardcopy Illinois Engineering Drawing binders should:

  1. Replace Numerical Index dated 1/2014 with the new Numerical Index (attached) dated 2/2014.
  2. Replace Category Index dated 1/2014 with the new Category Index (attached) dated 2/2014.
  3. Print copies of the new and revised drawings, which will be temporarily available on SharePoint until the drawings are posted to the Illinois NRCS engineering website:
  4. Follow instructions on attached distribution listing of new drawings, filing in the IL-ENG Drawing binder.

Questions regarding this submittal should be directed to the Area Engineer.

State Conservation Engineer

Dist: All IL NRCS Employees
All IL SWCD Employees

This attachment requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view:

Notice IL 72.pdf [PDF, 438kb]

February 2014 Category Index
Feb 2014 Category Index.pdf [PDF, 101kb]

Feruary 2014 Numerical Index
Feb 2014 Numerical Index.pdf [PDF, 101kb]

Revised Drawings February 2014
Revised Drawings Feb 2014.pdf [11kb]