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Illinois Engineering Specs and O&M Documents

NOTICE: The following documents (Construction Specifications and Operation & Maintenance) have been developed to assist in the design and implementation of typical NRCS engineering practices in Illinois. Before using any of the documents, the designer should verify that the provisions apply to the site and are appropriate for the design. These documents are to be adapted as part of site specific designs that shall be reviewed and approved by qualified individuals with appropriate approval authority.

The following documents require Microsoft WORD.

Practice Standard (Code) Implementation Type Construction Specification Operation & Maintenance
Access Road (560) Access Road DOC DOC
Amendments for Treatment of Agricultural Waste (591) Amendments for Agricultural Waste   DOC
Animal Mortality Facility (316) Compost Bins DOCX DOCX
In-Vessel Compost System   DOCX
Channel Bed Stabilization (584) Rock Riffles DOC DOC
Clearing and Snagging (326) Clearing and Snagging DOC  
Combustion System Improvement (372) Engine Replacement   DOC
Composting Facility (317) Compost Bins DOCX DOCX
In-Vessel Compost System   DOCX
Constructed Wetland (656) Constructed Wetland DOC DOC
Denitrifying Bioreactor (605) Denitrifying Bioreactor DOC DOC
Dry Hydrant (432) Dry Hydrant DOC DOC
Farmstead Energy Improvement (374) Farmstead Energy Improvement   DOC
Grade Stabilization Structure (410) Pipe Structure DOC  
Block Lined Chute DOC  
Rock Lined Chute DOC  
Fabricated Drop Structure DOC  
Grade Stabilization Structure   DOC
Grassed Waterway (412)  Grassed Waterway  DOC DOC

Heavy Use Area Protection (561)

Heavy Use Pad



Winter Feeding Station DOC DOC
Irrigation Pipeline (430) Irrigation Pipeline DOC DOC
Irrigation System, Sprinkler (442) Irrigation System, Sprinkler   DOC
Livestock Pipeline (516) Livestock Pipeline DOCX DOCX
Pond (378) Embankment Pond DOC  
Excavated Pond DOC  
Pond   DOC
Pumping Plant (533) Pump DOC DOC
Roof Runoff Structure (558) Gutter System DOC DOC
Roofs and Covers (367) Roof DOC DOC
Floating Modular Cover   DOC
Saturated Buffer (604) Saturated Buffer DOC DOC
Spring Development (574) Spring Development DOC  
Stream Crossing (578) Ford DOC DOC
Streambank and Shoreline Protection (580) Riprap Structures DOC DOC
Structure for Water Control (587) Drainage Water Management Structure DOC DOC
Subsurface Drain (606) Subsurface Drain DOCX DOC
Terrace (600) Terrace DOC DOC
Trails and Walkways (575) Trails and Walkways DOC DOC
Underground Outlet (620) Underground Outlet DOC DOC
Vegetated Treatment Area (635) Vegetated Treatment Area DOCX DOCX
Vertical Drain (630) Vertical Drain DOC  
Waste Facility Closure (360) Waste Facility Closure DOC DOC
Waste Separation Facility (632) Concrete Settling Basin DOCX DOC
Waste Storage Facility (313) Earthen DOCX DOCX
Concrete DOCX  
Concrete/Fabricated   DOCX
Waste Transfer (634) Pipeline DOC DOC
Concrete DOC DOC
Pump/Agitator   DOCX
Water and Sediment Control Basin (638) Water and Sediment Control Basin DOC DOC
Water Well (642) Water Well DOC DOC
Watering Facility (614) Tanks and Troughs DOC DOC
Well Decommissioning (351) Well Decommissioning   DOC
Wetland Restoration (657) Wetland Restoration DOC DOC

Last Updated: August 12, 2016 

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