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RAP-M Manual

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RAP-M Contents:
Cover and Table of Contents
Part 1. Rapid Assessment, Point Method (RAP-M)
        Sheet & Rill
        Sediment Delivery Rate (SDR)
        Sediment Transport Factor (STF)
    Watershed Erosion & Sedimentation Summation
    Reminders: Other Issues to Consider

    RAP-M Appendix
        Photos 1-5, Photographic Examples of Channel Erosion
        Figures 1A-1B, Low Channel Transport Efficiency
        Figures 2A-2B, High Channel Transport Efficiency
        Figure 3, Watershed Erosion & Sediment Yield Summary
        Figure 4, Sediment Delivery & Transport (schematic)
        Figure 5, Channel Transport Factor (STF)
        Figures 6A & 6B, Channel Inventory Form & Example
        Figure 7, Gully Lateral Recession Rates
        Figure 8, Streambank Lateral Recession Rates
        Figure 9, Determination of Sheet & Rill Erosion Rates
        Figure10, Sheet, Rill & Ephemeral Summary Sheet
        Figure 11, Channel Inventory Procedure
        Figure 12, Volume Determinations Using Lateral Recession Rates
        Figure 13, Eroding Bank Height
        Figure 14, Eroding Bank Height
        Figure 15, Eroding Bank Height (shown from above)
        Figure 16, Eroding Bank Height (maximum of bank full)
        Figure 17, Channel Erosion Quantities
        Figure 18, Watershed Summary
        Figure 19, Erosion & Sedimentation Inventory Procedure Outline
        Figure 20, Level of Detail for Erosion & Sedimentation Studies
    Examples of Sediment Report Using RAP-M

Part 2. Bathymetric Mapping in Illinois 
        BATHMASTER: Introduction, Equipment & Procedure
        Lake Galena
        Examples, Bathymetric Maps