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National Engineering Manual - Illinois Supplement AMENDMENT IL30 (Part 501)

Date: December 10, 2010

AMENDMENT IL30 (Part 501 )

SUBJECT: ENG – Updates to National Engineering Manual and Illinois Amendments

Purpose: To announce the new National Engineering Manual, and to supplement the National Engineering Manual (NEM) Parts 505 and 544.

Effective Date: Upon receipt.

Explanation: The National Engineering Manual (NEM) has recently been updated in entirety. The official copy of the NEM will be housed on the NRCS eDirectives website ( under Manuals  Title 210, and represents a living document, not intended for hardcopy reproduction. As a result, the Illinois Amendments to the NEM will no longer be assigned page numbers directly following the amended section, and will instead by grouped by Part.

All Illinois amendments to the NEM will be maintained on the public website at

NEM Amendment IL30 updates Illinois policy for engineering surveying equipment maintenance, located in Part 544.

NEM Amendment IL30 also updates Illinois policy for non-NRCS engineering, located in Part 505. Language was added to Part 505 Exhibits B, C, and D to clarify the fact that in the situation where no TSP dollars are involved, NRCS must perform a functional review and approve the plans and design of a non-NRCS engineer prior to construction for the producer to maintain eligibility for technical and financial assistance.

Amendment IL30 cancels and replaces Amendment IL5 dated September 1981 and parts of Amendment IL28 dated December 2009.

Filing Instructions:

All existing hardcopies of the National Engineering Manual are out of date and shall be discarded or clearly marked as archive.

Maintenance of hardcopy National Engineering Manual binders is not encouraged. However, if a hardcopy is maintained, the user is responsible for monitoring the national eDirectives to ensure that the document is up to date.

If a hardcopy of the new NEM is to be maintained, holders should:

  • obtain and print a copy of the new NEM from the eDirectives site
  • retain all existing Illinois Amendments to the NEM, except as instructed below.
  • Insert existing amendments in front of the NEM Part to which the amendment applies.
  • discard existing pages IL 544-1(1) through IL 544-1(2);
  • discard existing pages IL 505-5(1) through IL 505-5(3);
  • discard existing pages IL 505-6(1) through IL 505-6(2);
  • discard existing pages IL 505-26(1) through IL 505-26(11);
  • print the attached amendments on green paper;
  • insert page IL 544-1 in front of Part 544 of the NEM;
  • insert pages IL 505-1 through IL 505-16 in front of Part 505 of the NEM


State Conservationist

DIST: NRCS Employees


The following document is available in Adobe Acrobat format.
Adobe Acrobat Icon Part 544-Equipment.pdf (PDF, 11kb)

Adobe Acrobat Icon Part 505-Non-NRCS Engineering Services.pdf (PDF, 53kb)

Adobe Acrobat Icon Updates to National Engineering Manual & Illinois Amendments.pdf (PDF, 91kb)