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National Engineering Manual - Illinois Supplement AMENDMENT IL28 (Part 505)

Date: December 10, 2009

AMENDMENT IL28 (Part 505 )

SUBJECT: ENG – Non-NRCS Engineering

Purpose: To supplement the National Engineering Manual (NEM) Part 505, with procedures for utilization and acceptance of non-NRCS engineering services.

Effective Date: Upon receipt.

Explanation: NEM Amendment IL28 defines Illinois policy for utilization and acceptance of non-NRCS engineering services. As a part of the policy for utilization of non-NRCS engineering services, an update is included for Illinois policy regarding upper limits in size and complexity of jobs Illinois NRCS will regularly handle. In addition, updated example letters are included, to be provided to NRCS program participants who are utilizing non-NRCS engineering services.

Amendment IL28 cancels and replaces Amendment IL24 dated April 2002 and Amendment IL25 dated July 2006. Amendment IL28 applies to all new projects as of the effective date. For projects under contract as of the effective date, previous policy remains in effect.

Filing Instructions:

Holders of hardcopy National Engineering Manual binders should:

  • discard existing pages IL 505-2(1) through IL 505-2(3);
  • discard existing pages IL 505.27(1) through IL 505.27(18);
  • print the attached amendments on green paper;
  • insert pages IL505-5(1) through IL505-5(3) after page 505-5 of the NEM;
  • insert pages IL-505-6(1) through IL 505-6(2) after page 505-6 of the NEM;
  • insert pages IL-505-26(1) through IL 505-26(11) after page 505-26 of the NEM.

This amendment will be posted at

State Conservationist

DIST: Partners


The following document is available in Adobe Acrobat format.
Adobe Acrobat Icon Upper Limits in Size and Complexity of Jobs Illinois NRCS will Regularly Handle.pdf (PDF, 15kb)

Adobe Acrobat Icon Utilization and Acceptance of Non-NRCS Engineering Services.pdf (PDF, 16kb)

Adobe Acrobat Icon Non-NRCS Engineering Exhibits.pdf (PDF, 38kb)