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United States Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service

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DATE: September 13, 2011

SUBJECT:  National Engineering Handbook Part 645, Engineering Technical Materials

Purpose:  To distribute revised and new IL-ENG standard drawings

Expiration Date:  Upon receipt

Explanation: Notice 53 distributes 37 revised and 3 new standard engineering drawings. Major highlights include:

  • New drawing for scour basin at a culvert outlet
  • New drawing for vegetated treatment area and distribution manifold
  • Updated minimum compost bin configuration to match current guidance. Clarified number of fasteners for roofing material on concrete compost bin with wall mounted roof.
  • Clarification of the length and position of non-perforated tile for in-line water control structures.
  • Clarification on fence post materials.
  • Updates to pipe structure bill of materials.

In addition, a new title block system has been initiated. With each new or revised drawing from this point forward, sets of drawings will be grouped by page number, leaving the entry for sheet number blank for use in numbering site specific designs. A summary of all updates is included on the attached distribution list.

The Illinois NRCS engineering website will be revised to reflect the updated drawings:

Filing Instructions for Illinois Engineering Drawing Binder (optional):
  1. Replace Numerical Index dated 01/2011 with the new Numerical Index (attached), dated 09/2011.
  2. Replace Category Index dated 01/2011 with the new Category Index (attached), dated 09/2011.
  3. Print copies of the new and revised drawings, which will be temporarily available on SharePoint until October 12, 2011: Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx  Follow instructions on attached distribution listing of new drawings, filing in IL-ENG Drawing binder.

Any questions regarding this submittal should be directed to the Area Engineer.

Ruth Book
State Conservation Engineer

DIST: Partner


This attachment requires  Adobe Acrobat Reader to view: 
EFHNotice-IL53.pdf  [PDF, 62kb]

IL Standard Drawing Category Index
IL_std_dwgs_index_category_9-2011.pdf  [PDF. 33kb]

IL Standard Drawing Numerical Index
IL-std.dwgs_index_numerical_9-2011.pdf [PDF, 34kb]

September Revised Distribution List
Sept_2011_New-revised_distr.pdf [21kb]

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