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Illinois Native Plant Guide - Pages 154-155

Illinois Native Plant Guide

Blue Vervain
Verbena hastata

Preferred Water Depth and Inundation Tolerance

Species tolerates moderate inundation of 0-8 inches of water as found in wet prairies, stream banks, and marshes.

Wildlife Value

Seeds are eaten by wildlife. Attracts butterflies. Small mammals eat shoots.


Used in upper shoreline zones, for streambank stabilization, and in vegetated swales.

Availability, Establishment, and Maintenance

  • Seed is widely available from commercial vendors.
  • Propagation is easy by seed. Seed may need cold, moist stratification at 33-38o F for 30-90 days. Alternatively, some have found best germination of seed when stored dry at 40o F then shifted to 70o F with light. Sow on the surface of the soil because seeds require light to germinate.
  • Division works well in the spring. Cuttings work well in the summer.
  • This is a good pioneer species.

Blue Vervain
Verbena hastata

Mature Height
Up to 5 feetBlue Vervain

Plant Type
Perennial herb

Indicator Status
Facultative Wet (+)


Nutrient Load Tolerance
Moderate to high

Salt Tolerance
Moderate to high

Siltation Tolerance
Moderate to high

Flowering Color and Time
July to September

Light Preference
Full sun

Seeding Rate
.015 - .125 lbs/acre

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