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Illinois Native Plant Guide - Late Goldenrod - Pages 142-143

Illinois Native Plant Guide

Late Goldenrod
Solidago gigantea

Preferred Water Depth and Inundation Tolerance

Prefers moist to saturated soil.

Wildlife Value

Provides cover for small mammals and songbirds.


Used in upper shoreline zones, for streambank stabilization, and in vegetated swales.

Availability, Establishment, and Maintenance

  • Available as divisions, stem cuttings, and seed.
  • Seed germinates quickly in warm humid conditions.
  • Can be aggressive and form monocultures in restorations and natural areas.

Late Goldenrod
Solidago gigantea

Mature Height
Up to 8 feetLate Goldenrod

Plant Type
Perennial herb

Indicator Status
Facultative Wet

Not available

Nutrient Load Tolerance
Moderate to high

Salt Tolerance
Not available

Siltation Tolerance

Flowering Color and Time
July to October

Light Preference
Full sun

Seeding Rate
.125 lbs/acre

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