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Eng. Drawings Category - Miscellaneous

Illinois NRCS Engineering Standard Drawings


NOTICE—The following standard drawings have been developed to assist in the design of typical NRCS engineering practices in Illinois. Before using any of the standard drawings or details, the designer should verify that the standard applies to the site and that the design limitations are not exceeded. Standard drawings are to be adapted as part of site specific designs that shall be reviewed and approved by qualified individual with appropriate approval authority.

The files listed below are available in following formats:
1. DWG - AutoCAD
drawing.  To save a dwg file, point at the underlined hyperlink, then SHIFT + LEFT CLICK
2. DXF - Drawing Exchange Format generic CAD drawing. 
3. PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing only (no editing).

Date IL-ENG-#
Illinois NRCS Engineering Drawing Title AutoCAD
5/14 Farmstead Energy Improvement (374) Implementation Record Not Available Not Available 23.pdf
4/12 Combustion System Improvements (372) Engine Replacement Implementation Plan Not Available Not Available 24.pdf
4/14 Pipe Outlet to Flat Area 44.dwg 44.dxf 44.pdf
4/14 Pipe Outlet to Channel 45.dwg 45.dxf 45.pdf
4/14 Bridge Scour Protection 47.dwg 47.dxf 47.pdf
8/13 45 Degree Dry Fire Hydrant Details & Design Sheet (2 Pages) 82.dwg 82.dxf 82.pdf
8/13 Dry Fire Hydrant Details & Design Sheet (2 Pages) 83.dwg 83.dxf 83.pdf
8/13 90 Degree Dry Hydrant Details & Design Sheet (2 Pages) 84.dwg 84.dxf 84.pdf
4/15 Infiltration Trench 93.dwg 93.dxf 93.pdf
9/13 Water Well (2 Pages) 109.dwg 109.dxf 109.pdf
6/10 Roof Gutters And Downspout Details 124.dwg 124.dxf 124.pdf
7/13 In-Line Water Control Structure 2 Compartments 130.dwg 130.dxf 130.pdf
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 1 -Single Structure Without  DWM (2 Pages) 131.dwg 131.dxf 131.pdf
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 2 -Double Structure Without  DWM (2 Pages) 132.dwg 132.dxf 132.pdf
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 3 -Single Structure With DWM (2 Pages) 133.dwg 133.dxf 133.pdf
9/16 Denitrifying Bioreactor Type 4 -Double Structure With  DWM (2 Pages) 134.dwg 134.dxf 134.pdf
9/16 Saturated Buffer 135.dwg 135.dxf 135.pdf
9/16 Saturated Buffer w/DWM 136.dwg 136.dxf 136.pdf
10/13 Field Tile Repair 150.dwg 150.dxf 150.pdf
4/14 Culvert Outlet To Scour Basin 157.dwg 157.dxf 157.pdf
3/06 Under Channel Pipeline Protection Details & Design Sheet 189.dwg 189.dxf 189.pdf
9/14 Irrigation Check Valve 208.dwg 208.dxf 208.pdf
6/16 Sinkhole Treatment 209.dwg 209.dxf 209.pdf
11/13 Vertical Drain for Sinkholes 210.dwg 210.dxf 210.pdf
6/15 Decommissioning Abandoned Water Well (2 pages) 212.dwg 212.dxf 212.pdf
11/13 Culvert Flared End Section For 12" To 60" Corrugated Metal Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-204) 219.dwg 219.dxf 219.pdf