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Illinois NRCS Engineering Standard Drawings - Dams, Ponds and Reservoirs

Illinois NRCS Engineering Standard Drawings

Dams, Ponds and Reservoirs

NOTICE—The following standard drawings have been developed to assist in the design of typical NRCS engineering practices in Illinois. Before using any of the standard drawings or details, the designer should verify that the standard applies to the site and that the design limitations are not exceeded. Standard drawings are to be adapted as part of site specific designs that shall be reviewed and approved by qualified individual with appropriate approval authority.

The files listed below are available in following formats:
1. DWG - AutoCAD
drawing.  To save a dwg file, point at the underlined hyperlink, then SHIFT + LEFT CLICK
2. DXF - Drawing Exchange Format generic CAD drawing. 
3. PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing only (no editing).

Date IL-ENG-#
Illinois NRCS Engineering Drawing Title AutoCAD
8/14 Data Sheet for Dams 11.dwg 11.dxf 11.pdf  
2/16 Plan for Earth Dam with Hood Inlet Principal Spillway (2 Pages) 42.dwg 42.dxf 42.pdf  
2/16 Plan for Earth Dam with Drop Inlet Principal Spillway (2 Pages) 43.dwg 43.dxf 43.pdf  
4/14 Sediment Basin Dewatering Device 48.dwg 48.dxf 48.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 48" Diameter Riser 72.dwg 72.dxf 72.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 54" Diameter Riser 73.dwg 73.dxf 73.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 60" Diameter Riser 74.dwg 74.dxf 74.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack and Baffle for 72" Diameter Riser 75.dwg 75.dxf 75.pdf  
4/16 Conical Trash Rack Detail for 6" to 24" Dia. Pipe (2 Pages) 76.dwg 76.dxf 76.pdf  
4/16 Details of CMP Vertical Drop Inlet with Horizontal Anti-Vortex Baffle (2 Pages) 116.dwg 116.dxf 116.pdf  
9/14 Drain Details for CMP using 8", 10", and 12" Valves 121.dwg 121.dxf 121.pdf  
1/11 Corrugated Metal pipe Support 126.dwg 126.dxf 126.pdf  
10/13 Timber Support - Propped Outlet for 8" Through 24" Pipe Diameter Metal Pipe (2 Pages) 174.dwg 174.dxf 174.pdf  
10/13 Pond Dewatering System (2 Pages) 175.dwg 175.dxf 175.pdf  
4/16 Corrugated Metal Pipe Vertical Inlet w/Anti-Vortex Baffle (2 Pages) 177.dwg 177.dxf 177.pdf  
4/16 Metal Trash Rack for Vertical Inlet with Baffle (2 Pages) 178.dwg 178.dxf 178.pdf  
11/13 Timber Support Propped Outlet 30" Through 48" Dia Metal Pipe (2 Pages) 180.dwg 180.dxf 180.pdf  
4/16 Flanged Metal Pipe and Anti-Seep Collar Detail 185.dwg 185.dxf 185.pdf  
6/14 Tile Stub Detail For Pipe Drop Inlet 186.dwg 186.dxf 186.pdf  
11/13 Appurtenances For Corrugated Metal Pipe Structures (2 pages) (Replaces IL-ENG-200A) 213.dwg 213.dxf 213.pdf  
11/13 Rubber Membrane Antiseep Collar For 1" To 16" Diameter Smooth Wall Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-201A) 214.dwg 214.dxf 214.pdf  
11/13 Polyethylene Sheet Antiseep Collar - 4" To 24" Diameter Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-201B) 215.dwg 215.dxf 215.pdf  
11/13 Hood inlet For 6" To 30" Corrugated Metal Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-202A) 216.dwg 216.dxf 216.pdf  
11/13 Canopy Inlet For 6" To 24" Corrugated Metal Pipe (Replaces IL-ENG-202B) 217.dwg 217.dxf 217.pdf  
2/14 PVC Canopy Inlet (Replaces IL-ENG-203) 218.dwg 218.dxf 218.pdf