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SoilView Problems

SoilView Problems

Version 2.0

No known or reported problems

Version 1.0

(St.Clair, JoDaviess, DuPage and Edgar Counties only).

Errors concerning missing winsock.dll files: Seems to be a problem for those using OnNet software. Technical support at ESRI indicates OnNet uses a non-Microsoft compliant winsock dll file, while SoilView requires a Microsoft compliant one. You can download a dll that worked on a PC here with Windows95 and OnNet2.1. Put the file in the c:\windows\system directory and retry SoilView.

Installing on NT:User must be logged in as administrator to install

Can't find file in A drive during install (Seen on certain NT machines): Unknown cause. Work around:

  1. place CD in CD drive
  2. Select Start - Programs - Run - D:\DATA\soilv1.apr
  3. Or use 'My Computer' to navigate to DATA directory on CD-ROM and double-click soilv1.apr
  4. The Program to execute soilv1.apr is D:\PROGRAM\BIN\soilv1.exe

If you have ArcView 3.n installed on a machine, and can't install SoilView 1.0, the previous solution may not work due to differences between versions of ArcView used for SoilView 1.0 and your installed version of ArcView. This has been known, but it is assumed the typical soil survey with a computer does not have ArcView installed on it.

Contact Tim Prescott for more info