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Conservation...Our Purpose. Our Passion

CONSERVATION...Our Purpose. Our Passion.

Conservation...Our Purpose. Our Passion. Image of Farm at Sunset.

The purpose and passion for conservation is shared among many. It is shared between NRCS employees and partners who help people help the land. And it is shared by the landowners with whom we work. Our passion is manifested through the benefits derived from stewardship of private lands´┐Żbenefits we all enjoy, such as cleaner water and air, improved soils and abundant wildlife habitat.

Learn about our stories, the stories of conservation made possible through a shared purpose, a shared passion and a shared commitment to conservation.


Meet Our Featured Customers

Illinois' Featured Conservation Farmers
Conservation Farmers
Ted and Ron Gilles
Conservation Farmer
Rita Luedtke
Conservation Farmer
Allen Williams
Ted and Ron Gilles, IL Conservation Farmers Rita Luedtke, IL Conservation Farmer Allen Williams, IL Conservation Farmer
Location: Peoria County, Illinois
Farm Operation: 700 acres of corn,
soybeans, prairie, and room for the
entire NRCS toolbox!
Location: Eastern Will County, Illinois
Farm Operation: 280 acres in corn,
soybeans, small grains, hay, wetland,
and wildlife food habitat.  Also boards
18 horses.
Location: Piatt County, Illinois
Farm Operation: 1,700 acres,
400 organic


Meet some of Illinois NRCS' Featured Employees

Illinois NRCS' Featured Team Members
Gerry Berning
Resource Soil Scientist
Bernita Clark
Contract Specialist
Randy Dietz
Civil Engineering
Ivan Dozier
Asst. State Conservationist
Gerry Berning, Resource Soil Scientist Bernita Clark, Contract Specialist Randy Dietz, Civil Engineering Technician Ivan Dozier, Asst. State Conservationist-Programs


John Garrity
Soil Conservation
Annette Holmes
District Conservationist
Jill Keeton
District Conservationist
Scott Martin
District Conservationist
John Garrity, District Conservationist Annette Holmes, District Conservationist Jill Keeton, District Conservationist Scott Martin, District Conservationist


Bob McLeese
State Soil Scientist
Della Moen
Earth Team Volunteer
Roger Windhorn
Paul Youngstrum
Area Resource
Bob McLeese, State Soil Scientist Della Moen, Earth Team Volunteer Roger Windhorn, Soil Scientist Paul Youngstrum, District Conservationist

More Stories!

More of Our Stories: Read about landowners who have succeeded in reaching their conservation goals with the help of NRCS conservation technical assistance and other programs. These stories can be searched by State, region, crop, conservation practice, and program.

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  • Video: "Conservation... Our Purpose. Our Passion."

CONSERVATION... Our Purpose. Our Passion. Video

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