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Illinois' NRCS Employee Vignette - Ivan Dozier

IL NRCS Employee Vinegette

Ivan Dozier, Assistant State Conservationist (Programs)
Champaign, Illinois

May 2008

Ivan Dozier, Asst. State Conservationist for ProgramsMaybe it’s his calm exterior, broad shoulders or long brown braids that make Ivan Dozier look the part of a true conservationist and a steward of the land. Perhaps it’s his commitment to quality, to conservation planning, or to NRCS’ technical standards. Perhaps it’s his pride in what NRCS stands for or his knowledge of agronomy, crops, and engineering. No matter what aspect you want to examine about NRCS products or services, Ivan has a history with it, a commitment to it, and a love of it.

Having held various field office level positions and State Leadership roles for SCS and NRCS, Ivan has a broad and interesting perspective of the agency and an uncanny appreciation for every natural resource works to protect. Having a Native American heritage makes Ivan’s connection to the land even stronger, as his ancestors and family have a pure and respectful attitude towards the natural wonders of this world.

Ivan is a believer in doing things right, whether it’s how to treat customers or how to till the soil. He is a natural negotiator, a valuable skill he uses for his staff as program manager for the agency and an agency representative for natural resource partners. He is a story teller, a writer, an artist, a Father, a healer. He speaks and teaches lessons in a manner that allow his students to learn more than the facts, but the powerful, simple logic and the history behind a concept. His words are carefully selected, skillfully delivered, and usually always linger with the listener.

Ivan’s beliefs are based in fact, in science, and in living the ethic that he stands for. He is not a person who lives on the edges of life, but one who dives in and who always gives more than he receives. He works well with landowners, with staff, and with partners of NRCS. Well educated in natural resource management and with 20 years of hands-on experience with the only federal agency that best matches his personal and professional values, Ivan has let NRCS make an impact on his life and he has had an impact on the agency’s successes here in Illinois.

If conservation can be �in your blood,’ then Ivan has it in his. “I try to understand the role people play in managing and assisting our natural world and whether I’m on or off the job you can bet I’m doing something that will have a positive effect on soil or water or wildlife resources within my area of control,” says Ivan. He speaks to students on a regular basis, sharing stories and opening minds about resource issues or historical perspectives on our country. He inspires the conservation ethic in others, lighting the way to new ideas, new dreams, and new solutions.

While Ivan manages NRCS conservation programs, he not only creates his conservation legacy which will be a testament to his own family, but his leadership in NRCS helps Illinois NRCS staff, partners, and private landowners achieve their own conservation goals. Ivan Dozier’s purpose and passion for natural resources is alive and well and living in Central Illinois.

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