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Employee Vingette - Bernita Clark

Illinois' NRCS Employee Vignette
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Bernita Clark, Contract Specialist
Champaign, Illinois

May 2008

Bernita Clark, Contract SpecialistMost of the employee stories for NRCS involve Field Office staff who work in county offices where the �real rubber’ hits the road. This one does not. This Employee Vignette is about an employee who has worked in the slightly plush environment of the IL NRCS State Office where she works on the Management Support Team as the Contracting Officer. She doesn’t wade in streams or dig soil pits or walk the fields with farmers. And yet, every day Bernita has a powerful passion and carries real joy in her heart about her career and her work with NRCS.

When asked where she gets that passion or why she’s toughed it out with the same agency since 1984, she simply says it’s the people with whom she is privileged to work with. “All our people have that passion and THEIR passion drives MY passion,” she explains. Add to that her own personal passion and dedication to impact important issues like air and water quality. Exposed to a wide variety of issues, projects, products and services, purchases, and legal agreements, Bernita is continually amazed by the diverse nature of the many issues and tasks NRCS staff contend with across the state.

“I’m impressed by our people, their skills and the role they play on the landscape. I always learn something new from them or am introduced to a new concept about natural resource conservation because they’re always exposing me to new ideas,” Bernita says.

Contracts and purchases are a day-to-day piece of NRCS business. Bernita sees her role as less critical than those of technical specialists on the front lines but she makes it her business to do all she can do to make their administrative and office management tasks less complex and easier to complete. She sees herself as a helper to Illinois NRCS’ 300-plus staff.

“I like what I do. I like what we do. I like who I work with. And I like who it is that we all help serve. I’m proud to work for NRCS. The agency and the people have been good to me,” Bernita adds.

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