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75 Years - A Legacy Of Conservation

"Out of a long list of nature's gifts to man, none is perhaps so utterly essential to human life as soil." -Hugh Hammond Bennett, First Chief, Soil Conservation Service, 1939

75th Anniversary photo of farm with conservation practices Throughout the year, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary with employees and partners who contributed to the agency’s many accomplishments. The nation’s citizens can enjoy the benefits of productive soils, clean air and water, and open spaces because of the agency’s work. We all have a reason to celebrate!

"75 Years - A Legacy of Conservation" Video (Closed/Open Captioned)

National conservation action must spring from people on the land, and to a large extent, be advanced by them as individuals, with the help of government.

(Hugh Hammond Bennett, 1939)

Congratulations! NRCS for 75 Years Serving America by Helping People Help the Land

All owners, managers, and others who have a stake and interest in natural resource management are eligible to receive technical assistance from NRCS. To receive technical assistance, the individual may contact their local NRCS office or the local conservation district.
The working relationships that landowners and communities have with their local NRCS staff are unique. One-on-one help through flexible, voluntary programs occurs every day in local NRCS offices across the country. It is the way NRCS does business, and it works. To obtain conservation technical assistance, contact your local NRCS office.