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Energy Initiative for EQIP Fact Sheet - March 2006

Energy Initiative for EQIP Fact Sheet

The cost of energy and materials associated with many conservation practices of the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) have increased over the last couple of years. NRCS now offers a special incentive to help producers deal with these rising prices.

Over the last couple of years, implementation costs have increased for some of the EQIP practices used throughout Illinois. Dramatic increases in energy costs and the costs of materials such as concrete, steel, and plastic pipe have contributed to increased installation costs. To provide some relief, a payment increase will be available until June 30, 2006 for certain conservation practices. This special offer applies to practices scheduled in EQIP contracts in 2004 and earlier and amounts to15 percent of the cost-share earned.

Example: EQIP Cost-Share Amount $5,000 x 15% = $750
Your NEW payment would be $5,750!!

This is a one-time opportunity and is only available from
March 1 to June 30, 2006 for the eligible practices listed below.

For a payment to be eligible for the 15% increase, ALL these requirements must be met:

  • The EQIP contract must have been established in 1997-2004

  • The practice must be on the eligible practice list (see list below)

  • All bills and receipts must be submitted to the Field Office and date stamped by June 30, 2006

  • The full practice must be completed and installed (partially completed practices are NOT eligible)

The payment increase is available as long as contract holders do not exceed program limits. Contracts established in 1997-2001 have a $50,000 limit per contract. 2002-2004 contracts have a $450,000 limit per individual.

Eligible EQIP Practices
Practice Code Practice Name
313 Waste Storage Facility
317 Composting Facility
359 Waste Treatment Lagoon
382 Fence
410 Grade Stabilization Structure
430DD Irrigation Water Conveyance
430EE Irrigation Water Conveyance
430HH Irrigation Water Conveyance
516 Pipeline
561 Heavy Use Area Protection
587 Structure for Water Control
620 Underground Outlet
634 Manure Transfer

See your local NRCS District Conservationist to learn more!

March 2006

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A Printed Version of this fact sheet is available in Adobe Acrobat Format 6.0.

Energy Initiative for EQIP Fact Sheet
EnergyInit-fs2006.pdf (PDF, 429 kb)