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Pollinator Plants for Dry Sites

Fact Sheet

Perilous Plight of the Pollinators
High Value Pollinator Plants

For Dry Sites

This fact sheet contains information about highly valued pollinator plants to consider when designing your landscapes and gardens. The plants include native flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses and herbs. An effective pollinator planting has at least three species blooming at one time, i.e.: 3-early, 3-mid and 3-late, during the growing season. This would include flowers, shrubs and trees. Bunch grasses are listed since they provide nesting habitat for bumble bees.

Native IL Prairie Flowers

Common Name Scientific Name Light Needs Bloom Time
Butterflyweed Asclepias tuberosa Shade mid
Whorled Milkweed Asclepias verticillata Full Sun mid
Ohio Horse Mint Blephilia ciliata Full Sun mid
White Prairie Clover Dalea Candidum Shade mid
Purple Prairie Clover Dalea purpureum Shade early-mid
Pale Purple Coneflower Echinacea pallida Full Sun mid
Showy Sunflower Helianthus laetiflorus Full Sun late
Rough Blazingstar Liatris aspera Shade late
Prairie Blazingstar Liatris pycnostachya Shade mid-late
Wild Lupine Lupinus perennis Shade early
Wild Bergamot Monarda fistulosa Shade mid-late
Dotted Mint Monarda punctata Shade mid-late
Smooth Penstemon Penstemon digitalis Shade early-mid
Pale Penstemon Penstemon pallidus Shade early-mid
Compass Plant Silphium laciniatum Full Sun mid
Stiff Goldenrod Solidago rigida Shade late
Showy Goldenrod Solidago speciosa Shade very late
Silky Aster Symphyotrichum sericeum Full Sun late
Spiderwort Tradescantia ohiensis Shade early-mid

Native IL Shrubs

Common Name Scientific Name Bloom Time
Aromatic sumac Rhus aromatica early
Sunshine Rose Rosa arkansana mid
Carolina Rose Rosa carolina mid
Swamp Rose Rosa setigera mid

Native IL Trees

Common Name Scientific Name Bloom Time
Hawthorn Crataegus species early

Native IL Prairie Bunch Grasses

Common Name Scientific Name
Side-Oats Grama Bouteloua curtipendula
June Grass Koeleria cristata
Little Bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium

Culinary Herbs

Common Name Scientific Name Bloom Time
Oregano Origanum spp. mid
Rosemary Rosemarinus officnalis late


Referernce: NRCS Illinois Biology Technical Guide No. 23
Pollinator Biology and Habitat


August 2012

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