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Engineering Computer Programs - Spreadsheets

IDAWM Calculation Spreadsheet (XLS; 245 KB) 
Spreadsheet to size Animal Waste Storage Ponds

Sprinkler Design (XLS; 116 KB)
Spreadsheet to analyze irrigation water management and design intermittent move sprinkler systems.

Center Pivot Design (XLS; 768 KB)
Spreadsheet for center pivot sprinkler analysis and design. Version 4.01.

Rock Chute Design (XLS; 290 KB)
Spreadsheet for the design of rock chutes per ASAE Paper No. 972062, "Design of Rock Chutes". 

Sediment Basin Design (XLS; 511 KB)
Spreadsheet for the design of sediment basins on irrigated cropland using the design procedure in Idaho Appendix 10 of the Engineering Field handbook (old Engineering Field Manual), Chapter 10.  Version 5, posted December 2009.

Concrete Wall Design (XLS; 1.4 MB)
Spreadsheet for calculating moments of partially fixed concrete walls.  Similar to Idaho Engineering Field Manual Notice #30.