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Toolkit Guidance

Toolkit 8

Toolkit 7Toolkit Logo

Toolkit 6.0 for Windows 7 

Tips on Mapping and Scheduling Practices

Idaho Toolkit Refresher Training 

NCP Database Clean-Up ("One Operation - One Plan")

Trouble-Shooting and FAQs

Toolkit Manual (2004 - Developed by Arkansas) 

A. Setting Toolkit Preferences  (PDF; 1.18 MB)
B. Customer Folder Tabs  (PDF; 1.04 MB)
C. Creating a New Customer Folder  (437 KB)
D. Checking Out/In an Existing Customer  (PDF; 796 KB)
E. Opening an Existing Map Document  (PDF; 392 KB)
F. Creating New Planned Land Units  (4.55 MB)
G. Linking Existing Tabular Land Units to a Map  (PDF; 2.95 MB)
H. Linking Existing Digitized Land Units to a Map  (PDF; 740 KB)
I.  Adding Land Unit Attributes  (PDF; 514 KB)
J.  Creating Land Unit Labels  (PDF; 2 MB)
K. Digitizing Line Type Conservation Practices  (PDF; 4.09 MB)
L. Digitizing Point Type Conservation Practices  (PDF; 3.38 MB)
M. Digitizing Polygon Type Conservation Practices  (PDF; 3.23 MB)
N. Scheduling Practices and Creating a Plan Report  (PDF; 767 KB)
O. Saving the Map Document  (PDF; 321 KB)
P. Creating a Plan Map  (PDF; 1.66 MB)
S. Creating a Soils Inventory and Map  (PDF; 2.79 MB)
Z. Help  (PDF; 414 KB)