Idaho Engineering References

Welcome to the Idaho Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) engineering technical resources download site.

This site has standard drawings, technical references, and computer programs that field offices for NRCS in Idaho use to assist private landowners, conservation districts and local government entities to plan and design conservation practices.  All technical resources are available to the general public, and while all have been examined for technical adequacy, the responsibility for proper application remains with the user.

Idaho Engineering Forms

Document Title

ID-190-001 (PDF; 2.1 MB)

Woodland Planning Worksheet

ID-210-074 (PDF; 1.22 MB)

Ring-Intake Data

ID-210-157A (PDF; 1.32 MB)

Irrigation Pipeline Design Sheet (Mannings 'N')

ID-210-157B (PDF; 1.35 MB)

Irrigation Pipeline Design Sheet (Hazen-Williams 'C')

ID-210-159 (PDF; 849 KB)

Gated Pipe Design Worksheet

ID-210-196 (PDF; 4.7 MB)

Center Pivot Sprinkler Evaluation

ID-210-197 (PDF; 422 KB)

Cathodic Protection Design Worksheet

ID-ENG-012 (PDF, 1.54 MB)

Furrow Sediment Yield by Imhoff Cone Method

ID-ENG-018 (PDF, 705 KB

Irrigation Pipeline (Aluminum Tubing, Plastic Tape Coated) (Reinforced Plastic Mortar)

ID-ENG-019 (PDF, 237 KB)

Irrigation Pipeline (Asbestos-Cement)

ID-ENG-020 (PDF, 733 KB)

Irrigation Pipeline (Nonreinforced Concrete)

ID-ENG-021 (PDF, 9 KB)

Irrigation Water Conveyance (Low Pressure, Underground, Plastic Pipeline)

ID-ENG-022 (PDF, 10 KB)

Irrigation Water Conveyance (High Pressure, Underground, Plastic Pipeline)

ID-ENG-023 (PDF, 815 KB)

Irrigation Pipeline (Steel)

ID-ENG-040 (PDF, 4.81 KB)

Sprinkler System Design Data

ID-ENG-041 (PDF, 2.21 MB)

Present Worth Procedure

ID-ENG-042 (PDF, 1.99 MB)

Annualized Cost Procedure

ID-ENG-199 (PDF, 273 KB)

Terrace Supporting Data Worksheet

ID-ENG-606 (PDF, 735 KB)

Subsurface Drain (Design Data)


List of Spreadsheets


Drawing Examples

Engineering Technical Notes

Section IV of the Field Office Technical Guide (FTOG) includes Practice Standards, Practice Construction Specifications, Operation and Maintenance Worksheets, Practice Checklists and Idaho Project Agreement Worksheets.  These can be obtained electronically from the Idaho EFOTG site. Click on Idaho, then your county, on the left hand side of your page, on the drop down menu click on Idaho Conservation Practices for the complete list or use the Table of Contents.

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