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Ecological Sciences/Technical Resources - Engineering

National Engineering Technical Notes

To locate the National Engineering Technical Notes, go to the national edirectives website:  On the menu bar to the left under "Browse by Directive", click on the link 'Technical Notes', then again on 'Title 210 - Engineering'. 

Idaho Engineering Technical Notes  

Document Title Size

Engineering Index

  (PDF; 13KB)
Tech. Note 1 Anodes for Corrosion Control (PDF; 11KB)
Tech. Note 2 Estimating Sediment Concentrations by Imhoff Cone in Runoff Water From Silt Loam Soils (PDF; 1.27MB)
Tech. Note 3 Design Considerations For Concrete Block Structures (PDF; 1MB)
Tech. Note 4 Design of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe (PDF; 1.4MB)
Tech. Note 5 Hydrology Calculated Risk (PDF; 1.9MB)
Tech. Note 6 Design of Dumped Rock Riprap Stream Channel Stabilization (PDF; 196KB)
Tech. Note 7 External Load Design of PVC Pipe (PDF; 100KB)
Tech. Note 8 Determining the Size of the Most Cost-Effective In-Line Valve for Pipelines Pressurized by Electric Power (PDF; 61KB)
Tech. Note 9 Specification (PDF; 12KB)
Tech. Note 10 Tabulation of Idaho Stream Flow Data Preparation of Frequency Curves (PDF; 135KB)
Tech. Note 11 Concrete Admixtures (PDF; 26KB)
Tech. Note 12 Design of Stream Barbs (PDF; 99KB)
Tech. Note 13 Design of Rock Weirs (PDF; 119KB)
Tech. Note 14 Photo-Topog Method for Farm Planning Surveys (PDF; 411KB)
Tech. Note 15 Incorporation of Large Wood into Engineering Structures (PDF; 153KB)
Tech. Note 16 Filter Diaphragms for CO-01 Structures (PDF; 10KB)
      Attachment for Tech. Note 16   (PDF; 765KB)
Tech. Note 17 Above-Ground Applications for Polyethylene Pipe (PDF; 56KB)
Tech. Note 18 Idaho Legal Districts (PDF; 10KB)
     Attachment for Tech. Note 18   (PDF; 23KB)
Tech. Note 30 Computation Standards for Idaho (PDF; 17KB)
     Attachment for Tech. Note 30   (PDF; 775KB)


To the New Mexico Irrigation Water Management Site:

Stream Corridor Restoration Guide There's more to a stream than the rushing or meandering water. A stream corridor, or stream valley, is a complex and valuable ecosystem which includes the land, plants, animals, and network of streams within it. This Guide lays the foundation for understanding the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of streams and riparian areas and discusses the components of the planning process.  It also includes techniques for restoration.

National Engineering Forms  
This link is from the Washington NRCS website.  The forms are National Engineering Forms.

Idaho Engineering Forms
    Rock Riprap, Filter or Bedding Gradation (ID-ENG-010) (PDF; 37 KB)
Engineering References 
This page has standard drawings, computer programs and technical references used by NRCS field offices to design and apply conservation practices.

Idaho NRCS Engineering Reference List

National NRCS Engineering

Documentation of Idaho Water Rights  (PDF; 12 KB)