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Conservation Practices - EQIP Sign-up 2007

Idaho 2007 State EQIP

Conservation Practices - EQIP Sign-up 2007

Information on which conservation practices are eligible for cost-share or incentive payments; the cost-share percentage and the units used to measure a conservation practice are contained in the EQIP Cost Lists.

There are two types of EQIP payments.  These are cost-share and incentive payments.  Cost-share payments are available for conservation practices that are structural or vegetative and have a lifespan greater than one year.  Payments are based on a percentage of the average cost for installing the practice that has been established for Idaho.

Incentive payments are for conservation management practices.  These are practices that involve the adoption of new management techniques.  Incentive payments are limited to a maximum of three years.

In no case may applicants receive either cost-share or incentive payments for a conservation practice that has already been constructed or for a management technique that has already been adopted.

Cost Share Types
The cost lists below contain a column labeled "Cost Type".  Cost types are defined as follows:

FR - Flat Rates - a flat rate is established on a per unit basis for management (non-structural) practices and is paid at 100% of the Flat Rate sent.

AC - Percentage of the average cost established for the practice or component.

The following documents will require Microsoft Excel

Cost Lists Document
State Cost List  (XLS; 76 KB)
Tribal Land Cost List  (XLS; 76 KB)
State Limited Resource or Beginning Farmer Only Cost List  (XLS; 76 KB)
Tribal Limited Resource or Beginning Farmer Only Cost List  (XLS; 76 KB)
Species of Concern Only Cost List  (XLS; 43 KB)
Special Initiative - Wildfire Cost List  (XLS; 26 KB)


Idaho EQIP Fiscal Year 2006 Contacts
Please contact the District Conservationist in the USDA Service Center nearest the location of your property. 

Idaho EQIP Program Manager: 
Bob Bartholomew
Phone: (208) 378-5703