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2004 Protocols and Ranking Sheets

Idaho 2004 State EQIP Sign-Up and Application Information

Protocols and Ranking Sheets

The protocols have been developed to ensure consistency across the state in making eligibility determinations and rating EQIP applications.

Each county has an individual ranking protocol to address environmental concerns associated with that land use.  The ranking is based on the NRCS Quality Criteria and describes what situation needs to exist in order to award points in that category.  The ranking sheets are used to summarize the evaluation and can be found below.

For points to be awarded, an environmental problem must exist on the proposed contracted land.  Points are awarded based on the level of resource problem reduction due to cost shared conservation practices being applied.  The Idaho Quality Criteria defines the specific conditions to be met for each resource and provides guidance for the resource evaluation.  The Quality Criteria may be found at the Idaho eFOTG site.  They are located in Section III under (B) "Idaho Resource Management System Quality Criteria."

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Instructions (PDF; 73 KB) (these apply to all ranking sheets)
2005 Idaho EQIP Protocols (PDF; 134 KB) (for statewide and individual divisions)

Division 1/County
Benewah (PDF; 50 KB)
Bonner (PDF; 50 KB)
Boundary (PDF; 50 KB)
Kootenai (PDF; 51 KB)
N. Shoshone (PDF; 52 KB)
S. Shoshone (PDF; 52 KB)

Division 2/County
Clearwater (PDF; 50 KB)
Idaho (PDF; 66 KB)
Latah (PDF; 66 KB)
Lewis (PDF; 50 KB)

Division 3/County
Ada (PDF; 50 KB)
Adams (PDF; 50 KB)
Boise (PDF; 50 KB)
Canyon (PDF; 66 KB)
Elmore (PDF; 50 KB)
Gem (PDF; 50 KB)
Nez Perce (PDF; 50 KB)
Owyhee (PDF; 50 KB)
Payette (PDF; 50 KB)
Valley (PDF; 51 KB)
Washington (PDF; 51 KB)

Division 4/County
Blaine (PDF; 50 KB)
Camas (PDF; 50 KB)
Cassia (PDF; 50 KB)
Gooding (PDF; 50 KB)
Jerome (PDF; 50 KB)
Lincoln (PDF; 50 KB)
Minidoka (PDF; 50 KB)
Twin Falls (PDF; 50 KB)

Division 5/County
Bannock (PDF; 66 KB)
Bear Lake (PDF; 50 KB)
Bingham (PDF; 50 KB)
Butte (PDF; 50 KB)
Caribou (PDF; 50 KB)
N. Custer (PDF; 51 KB)
S. Custer (PDF; 51 KB)
Fort Hall (PDF; 50 KB)
Franklin (PDF; 50 KB)
Oneida (PDF; 50 KB)
Power (PDF; 50 KB)

Division 6/County
Bonneville (PDF; 50 KB)
Clark (PDF; 50 KB)
Fremont (PDF; 50 KB)
Jefferson (PDF; 50 KB)
Lemhi (PDF; 51 KB)
Madison (PDF; 50 KB)
Teton (PDF; 51 KB)

Indian Tribal Land
Fort Hall (PDF; 50 KB)
This page was last updated March 23, 2004

Idaho EQIP Fiscal Year 2004 Contacts
Please contact the District Conservationist in the USDA Service Center nearest the location of your property. 

Idaho EQIP Program Manager: 
Bob Bartholomew
Phone: (208) 378-5703