Grassland Reserve Program

What is GRP?

King Ranch - Hornet Pasture

The Grassland Reserve Program is an easement program that protects grazing lands from conversion to non-agricultural uses. Landowners can graze easement land and grow forage crops but the land is protected from being divided into small parcels by development. Applicants must have clear title and legal access to the land. A grazing management plan is required for participants.


2013 GRP Opportunities:

This year the focus of GRP is to protect sage-grouse habitat in 2 priority areas (see map).

The application period for 2013 funding ends June 7, 2013.

How Do I Sign Up?

Visit the District Conservationist in the Arco, Rigby, St. Anthony, Shoshone NRCS offices. You will be required to complete the form CPA-1200 and provide the documents on the application checklist:

Conservation Program Application (CPA-1200) (PDF; 95 KB)

2013 GRP Application Checklist (PDF; 54 KB)

Supporting Information 

To estimate the value of your property, refer to the Geographic Area Rate Cap table to get the per acre value for the county you live in:

2013 Geographic Area Rate Caps (GARC) Table (PDF; 160 KB)

To learn about restrictions and prohibitions of a GRP easement, review this draft deed:

Deed (NRCS-LTP-60) (PDF; 60 KB)

2013 GRP Ranking Tool (XLSX; 18 KB)

More information on the Grassland Reserve Program can be found at the National GRP website located here: National GRP.

Idaho GRP Program Contact

Wade Brown
Phone: (208) 685-6987
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