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Landscape Initiatives

Sage-grouse Initiative

Sage-grouseNRCS developed the Sage-grouse Initiative to help private landowners voluntarily conserve sage-grouse populations and habitat on their working lands.  In Idaho, NRCS identified potential threats to sage-grouse and their habitat and determined specific conservation practices to reduce those threats.  Technical and financial assistance through EQIP is available for implementing the specific practices.

The USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service has funding available to help farmers and ranchers protect declining sage-grouse populations and habitat in Idaho. Applications received before July 18, 2014, will be ranked for fiscal year 2014 funding.

The ultimate goal of the Initiative is to help ensure sustainable use of good sagebrush habitat by both ranchers and wildlife such as the sage-grouse.

To alleviate threats that are within the control of the rancher, NRCS Idaho will be working with private landowners to implement these practices:

More Information:



- Conference Report for the NRCS Sage-grouse Initiative (PDF; 2.8 MB)
- Idaho Department of Fish and Game Idaho Sage-grouse Conservation Plan 2006
- Idaho Monitoring Methods and Protocols for Sage-grouse Initiative (PDF; 28 KB)
- Prescribed Grazing - Conservation Practice Job Sheet  (PDF; 40 KB) 
- Prescribed Grazing - Habitat Improvement for Sage-grouse - Conservation Practice Specifications  (PDF; 41 KB) 
- Sage-grouse Threat Checklist  (PDF; 26 KB) 
- Species Habitat Evaluation for Greater Sage-grouse in Idaho (XLS; 94 KB)
- Sage-grouse Lek Survey Protocols for Idaho  (PDF; 77 KB)
- Species Habitat Evaluation for Greater Sage-grouse in Idaho (XLS; 94 KB)
- Upland Wildlife Habitat Management - Habitat Improvement for Sage-grouse - Conservation Practice Specifications  (PDF; 52 KB)  


Sage Grouse Initiative - Wildlife Conservation Through Sustainable Agriculture

Idaho EQIP Sage-grouse Initiative Contacts

Please contact the District Conservationist in the USDA Service Center nearest the location of your property. 

Idaho EQIP Sage-grouse Initiative Program: 
Technical Information:
Kris Berg, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, 208-685-6986,
Program Information: Ron Brooks: 208-378-5724,