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Conservation Partnership Revises National Backyard Conservation Publication

Backyard Conservation Spanish Cover
USDA and the National Audubon Society have translated the popular "Backyard Conservation" publication into Spanish.  Printed versions are now available in both English and Spanish.

"Backyard Conservation" highlights 10 conservation practices used by farmers and ranchers that can be adapted by homeowners in their urban or suburban backyards.  The 28-page publication features actions people can take to enhance or protect natural resources, including building a pond, composting, mulching, properly managing pests, terracing, tree planting, conserving water and creating wildlife habitat.

Printed copies of the English and Spanish versions of "Backyard Conservation" are available at 1-888-LANDCARE and

The Natural Resources Conservation Service has helped private landowners and managers conserve their soil, water, and other natural resources for more than 70 years.  NRCS employees provide technical assistance based on sound science that is suited to a customer's specific needs.