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National Enhancements (with Idaho-Specific Information Where Applicable) - 2009

"Enhancement" means a type of conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance.  Enhancements are installed at a level of management intensity that exceeds the sustainable level for a given resource concern, and those directly related to a practice standard are applied in a manner that exceeds the minimum treatment requirements of the standard.  The following list of national enhancements is grouped by resource concern.  For some of the national enhancements, Idaho-specific information or additional guidance has been added as an Addendum to the end of the enhancement.

Air Quality Enhancements:

AIR01 - Injecting or Incorporating Manure (PDF; 85 KB)
AIR02 - Nitrification Inhibitors for Nitrous Oxide Control (PDF; 74 KB)
AIR03 - Replace burning of prunings removals and other crop residues with non-burning alternatives (PDF; 82 KB)
AIR04 - Use drift reducing nozzles, low pressures, lower boom height and adjuvants to reduce pesticide drift (PDF; 143 KB)
AIR05 - Dust Control on Unpaved Roads and Surfaces (PDF; 89 KB)
AIR06 - Replacing Oil and Wood Fired Heaters in Orchards and Vineyards (PDF; 72 KB)
AIR07 - GPS Targeted Spray Application SmartSprayer or other chemical application electronic control technology (PDF; 135 KB)

Animal Enhancements:

ANM01 - Drainage Water Management for Seasonal Wildlife Habitat  (Not offered in Idaho)
ANM02 - Defer Crop Production on Temporary and Seasonal Wetlands (PDF; 76 KB)
ANM03 - Incorporate Native Grasses and or Legumes into 15% or more of the forage base (PDF; 70 KB)
ANM04 - Extend Existing Filter Strips for Water Quality Protection and Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 67 KB)
ANM05 - Extending Riparian Forest Buffers for Water Quality Protection and Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 70 KB)
ANM06 - Extending Existing Riparian Herbaceous Cover for Water Quality Protection and Wildlife Habitat (PDF: 69 KB)
ANM07 - Extending Existing Field Borders for Water Quality Protection and Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 67 KB)
ANM08 - Improve the plant diversity and structure of non cropped areas for wildlife food and habitat (PDF; 68 KB)
ANM09 - Grazing Management to Improve Wildlife Habitat (PDF: 107 KB)
ANM10 - Harvest hay in a manner that allows wildlife to flush and escape (PDF; 65 KB)
ANM11 - Patch burning to enhance wildlife habitat (PDF; 60 KB)
ANM12 - Shallow Water Habitat (PDF; 64 KB)
ANM13 - Non forested Riparian Zone Enhancement for Fish and Wildlife (PDF; 235 KB)
ANM14 - Riparian Forest Buffer Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 64 KB)
ANM15 - Forest Stand Improvement for Habitat and Soil Quality (PDF; 112 KB)
ANM16 - Harvesting Crops Using a Stripper Header (PDF; 177 KB)
ANM17 - Monitoring Nutritional Status of Livestock Using the NUTBAL PRO System (PDF; 55 KB)
ANM18 - Retrofit Watering Facility for Wildlife Escape (PDF; 38 KB)
ANM19 - Wildlife Corridors (PDF; 138 KB)
ANM20 - Silvopasture for Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 216 KB)
ANM21 - Prairie Restoration for Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 92 KB)
ANM22 - Restoration and Management of Rare or Declining Habitats (PDF; 64 KB)
ANM23 - Multi Species Native Perennials for Biomass Wildlife Habitat  (Not offered in Idaho)

Energy Enhancements:

ENR01 - Fuel Use Reduction for Field Operations (PDF; 115 KB)
ENR02 - Solar Powered Electric Fence Charging Systems (PDF; 69 KB)
ENR03 - Pumping Plant Powered by Renewable Energy (PDF; 73 KB)
ENR04 - Recycle 100% of Farm Lubricants (PDF; 149 KB)
ENR05 - Locally Grown and Marketed Farm Products (PDF; 84 KB)

Plant Enhancements:

PLT01 - Establish Pollinator Habitat (PDF; 74 KB)  (Updated 10-14-09)
PLT02 - Monitor Key Grazing Areas to Improve Grazing Management (PDF; 50 KB)
PLT03 - Forest Stand Improvement Pre Treating Vegetation and Fuels (PDF; 73 KB)
PLT04 - Forest Improvement Prescribed Burning (PDF; 77 KB)
PLT05 - Multi Story Cropping Sustainable Management of Nontimber Forest Plants (PDF; 48 KB)
PLT06 - Renovation of a Windbreak or Shelter Belt for Wildlife Habitat (PDF; 126 KB)
PLT07 - Hardwood Crop Tree Release  (Not offered in Idaho)
PLT08 - Habitat Development for Beneficial Insects for Pest Management (PDF; 76 KB)
PLT10 - Advanced Intensive Rotational Grazing (PDF; 64 KB)

Soil Erosion Enhancements:

SOE01 - Continuous No Till with High Residue (PDF; 100 KB)
SOE02 - Protection of Cultural Resource (PDF; 56 KB)
SOE03 - Continuous No Till Organic System (PDF; 133 KB)

Soil Quality Enhancements:

SQL01 - Controlled Traffic System (PDF; 106 KB)
SQL02 - Continuous Cover Crops (PDF; 93 KB)
SQL03 - Drainage Water Management for Nutrient Pathogen or Pesticide Reduction  (Not offered in Idaho)
QL04 - Use of Cover Crop Mixes (PDF; 102 KB)
SQL05 - Use of Deep Rooted Crops to Break up Soil Compaction (PDF; 119 KB)
SQL06 - Conversion of Cropland to Grassbed Agriculture (PDF; 118 KB)

Water Quality Enhancements:

WQL01 - Biological Suppression and Other Non Chemical Techniques to Manage Brush (PDF; 69 KB)
WQL02 - Biological Suppression and Other Non Chemical Techniques to Manage Herbaceous Weeds (PDF; 65 KB)
WQL03 - Rotation of Supplement and Feeding Areas (PDF; 63 KB)
WQL04 - Plant Tissue Tests for N Application (PDF; 86 KB) 
WQL05 - Apply Nutrients No More Than 30 Days Prior to Planned Planting Date (PDF; 109 KB)
WQL06 - Apply Controlled Release Nitrogen Fertilizer (PDF; 76 KB)
WQL07 - Split Nitrogen Applications 50% After Crop Emergence (PDF; 84 KB)
WQL08 - Apply Split Applications of Nitrogen Based on a Pre Sidedress Nitrogen Test on Cropland (PDF; 96 KB)
WQL09 - Apply Phosphorus Fertilizer Below the Soil Surface (PDF; 78 KB) 
WQL10 - Plant an annual grass type cover crop that will scavenge residual nitrogen (PDF; 84 KB)
WQL11 - Precision Application Technology to Apply Nutrients (PDF; 53 KB) 
WQL12 - Managing Livestock Access to Water Bodies Courses (PDF; 55 KB)
WQL13 - High Level Integrated Pest Management to Reduce Pesticide Environmental Risk (PDF; 139 KB)
WQL14 - Land Application of Treated Manure (PDF; 46 KB)
WQL15 - Reduce the Concentration of Nutrients on Farm by Limiting the Amount of Feed and Fertilizer Brought on Livestock Farms (PDF; 49 KB)
WQL16 - Use of Legume Cover Crops as a Nitrogen Source (PDF; 105 KB)
WQL17 - Use of Non Chemical Methods to Kill Cover Crops (PDF; 45 KB)
WQL18 - Non Chemical Control of Livestock Pest (PDF; 105 KB)
WQL19 - Transition to Organic Grazing Systems (PDF; 53 KB)
WQL20 - Transition to Organic Cropping Systems (PDF; 76 KB)
WQL21 - Integrated Pest Management for Organic Farming (PDF: 74 KB)

Water Quantity Enhancements:

WQT01 - Irrigation System Automation (PDF; 57 KB)
WQT02 - Mulching for Moisture Conservation (PDF; 77 KB)
WQT03 - Irrigation Pumping Plant Evaluation (PDF; 60 KB)
WQT04 - Regional Weather Networks for Irrigation Scheduling (PDF; 55 KB)
WQT05 - Remote Monitoring and Notification of Irrigation Pumping Plant Operation (PDF; 79 KB)

Special Projects:

FRD01 - On-Farm Research and Demonstration (PDF; 134 KB)
FPP02 - On-Farm Pilot Project (PDF; 76 KB)

Idaho CSP

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