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National Enhancements (with Idaho-Specific Info. Where Applicable) - 2013

National Enhancements (with Idaho-Specific Info. Where Applicable) - 2012

"Enhancement" means a type of conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance.  Enhancements are installed at a level of management intensity that exceeds the sustainable level for a given resource concern, and those directly related to a practice standard are applied in a manner that exceeds the minimum treatment requirements of the standard.  The following list of national enhancements is grouped by resource concern.  For some of the national enhancements, Idaho-specific information or additional guidance has been added as an Addendum to the end of the enhancement.

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Air Quality Enhancements:

AIR03 - Replace burning of prunings removals and other crop residues with non-burning alternatives  (PDF; 69 KB)
AIR04 - Use drift reducing nozzles, low pressures, lower boom height and adjuvants to reduce pesticide drift  (PDF; 89 KB)
AIR07 - GPS, targeted spray application (SmartSprayer), or other chemical application electronic control technology  (PDF; 90 KB)

AIR08 - Nitrification inhibitors or urease inhibitors  (PDF; 101 KB)

Animal Enhancements:

ANM03 - Incorporate native grasses and/or legumes to 15% or more of herbage dry matter productivity  (PDF; 95 KB) 
ANM05 - Extending riparian forest buffers for water quality protection and wildlife habitat  (PDF; 86 KB) 
ANM07 - Extending existing field borders for water quality protection and wildlife habitat  (PDF; 68 KB) 

ANM09 - Grazing management to improve wildlife habitat  (PDF; 80 KB) 

ANM10 - Harvest hay in a manner that allows wildlife to flush and escape  (PDF; 67 KB)

ANM11 - Patch-burning to enhance wildlife habitat  (PDF; 67 KB)

ANM12 - Shallow water habitat  (PDF; 60 KB) 

ANM17 - Monitoring nutritional status of livestock using the NUTBAL PRO system  (PDF; 68 KB)

ANM18 - Retrofit watering facility for wildlife escape  (PDF; 49 KB)

ANM21 - Prairie restoration for grazing and wildlife habitat  (PDF; 111 KB)

ANM23 - Multispecies native perennials for biomass/wildlife habitat  (Idaho will not offer this enhancement)

ANM25 - Stockpiling of forage to extend the grazing season  (PDF; 81 KB)

ANM26 - Managing calving to coincide with forage availability  (PDF; 100 KB)

ANM27 - Wildlife friendly fencing  (PDF; 87 KB)

ANM29 - On-farm forage based grazing system  (PDF; 61 KB) 

ANM31 - Drainage water management  (Idaho will not offer this enhancement)

ANM32 - Extend existing filter strips or riparian herbaceous cover for water quality protection and wildlife habitat  (PDF; 72 KB) 

ANM33 - Riparian buffer, terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat  (PDF; 82 KB) 

ANM34 - Leave standing grain crops unharvested to benefit wildlife  (PDF; 72 KB)

Energy Enhancements:  

ENR01 - Fuel use reduction for field operations  (PDF; 78 KB) 
ENR09 - Variable frequency drive electric  (PDF: 73 KB)
ENR10 - Using nitrogen provided by legumes, animal manure and compost to supply 90 to 100% of the nitrogen needs  (PDF; 106 KB)
ENR11 - Improving energy feedstock production using alley cropping systems with short rotation woody crops  (Idaho will not offer this enhancement)
ENR12 - Use of legume cover crops as a nitrogen source  (PDF; 112 KB)

Plant Enhancements:  

PLT02 - Monitoring key grazing areas to improve grazing management  (PDF; 75 KB)
PLT05 - Multi-story cropping, sustainable management of nontimber forest plants  (PDF; 80 KB)
PLT06 - Renovation of a windbreak, shelterbelt or hedgerow for wildlife habitat  (PDF; 64 KB) 
PLT15 - Establish pollinator and/or beneficial insect habitat  (PDF; 84 KB)
PLT16 - Intensive management of rotational grazing  (PDF; 85 KB) 
PLT17 - Creating forest openings to improve hardwood stands  (Idaho will not offer this enhancement)
PLT18 - Increasing on-farm food production with edible woody buffer landscapes  (PDF; 114 KB)

Soil Erosion Enhancements:  

SOE03 - Continuous no-till ORGANIC system  (PDF; 103 KB) 
SOE04 - Continuous no-till  (PDF; 103 KB) 

Soil Quality Enhancements:  

SQL01 - Controlled traffic system  (PDF; 119 KB) 
SQL02 - Continuous cover crops  (PDF; 136 KB)
SQL03 - Drainage water management for nutrient, pathogen or pesticide reduction  (Idaho will not offer this enhancement)
SQL04 - Use of cover crop mixes  (PDF; 99 KB)
SQL05 - Use of deep rooted crops to break up soil compaction  (PDF; 104 KB)
SQL08 - Intercropping to improve soil quality and increase biodiversity  (PDF; 66 KB)
SQL09 - Conversion of cropped land to grass-based agriculture  (PDF; 162 KB)

Water Quality Enhancements:

WQL01 - Biological suppression and other non-chemical techniques to manage brush, herbaceous weeds and invasive species  (PDF; 81 KB)
WQL03 - Rotation of supplement and feeding areas  (PDF; 81 KB)
WQL04 - Plant tissue tests and analysis to improve nitrogen management  (PDF; 96 KB)
WQL05 - Apply nutrients no more than 30 days prior to planned planting date  (PDF; 66 KB) 
WQL07 - Split nitrogen applications, 50% after crop emergence or pasture green up  (PDF; 73 KB)
WQL09 - Apply phosphorus fertilizer below the soil surface  (PDF; 89 KB)
WQL10 - Plant a cover crop that will scavenge residual nitrogen  (PDF; 81 KB) 
WQL11 - Precision application technology to apply nutrients  (PDF; 95 KB)
WQL13 - High level integrated pest management to reduce pesticide environmental risk  (PDF; 99 KB)
WQL14 - Land application of treated manure  (PDF; 60 KB)
WQL17 - Use of non-chemical methods to kill cover crops  (PDF; 57 KB) 
WQL18 - Non-chemical pest management for livestock  (PDF; 68 KB)
WQL19 - Transition to ORGANIC grazing systems  (PDF; 66 KB) 
WQL20 - Transition to ORGANIC cropping systems  (PDF; 81 KB)
WQL21 - Integrated pest management for ORGANIC farming  (PDF; 87 KB)
WQL22 - On farm composting of farm organic waste  (PDF; 86 KB)
WQL24 - Apply enhanced efficiency fertilizer products  (PDF; 67 KB) 
WQL25 - Split applications of nitrogen based on a PSNT  (PDF; 97 KB) 
WQL26 - Reduce the concentration of nutrients imported on farm  (PDF; 62 KB)

Water Quantity Enhancements:

WQT01 - Irrigation system automation  (PDF; 41 KB)
WQT03 - Irrigation pumping plant evaluation  (PDF; 59 KB)
WQT05 - Remote monitoring and notification of irrigation pumping plant operation  (PDF; 56 KB)
WQT07 - Regional weather networks for irrigation scheduling  (PDF; 73 KB)
WQT08 - Decrease irrigation water quantity or conversion to non-irrigated crop production  (PDF; 66 KB) 

Special Project Enhancements:

FPP02  - On Farm Pilot Project  (PDF; 105 KB)
FRD01 - On Farm Research and Demonstration  (PDF; 120 KB)

Enhancement Bundles:

BCR06 - Improves nutrient and pesticide application techniques and widen buffers  (PDF; 51 KB)
BCR07 - Addresses orchard and vineyard resource concerns  (PDF; 86 KB)
BCR08 - Reduces inputs, improves soil and water quality, benefits pollinators and beneficial insects  (PDF; 79 KB)

BFO06 - Improves wildlife habitat and soil quality  (PDF; 128 KB)

BPA06 - Improves wildlife habitat  (PDF: 76 KB)
BPA07 - Improves forage utilization  (PDF; 76 KB)
BPA08 - Addresses all aspects of pasture management  (PDF; 75 KB)

BRA05 - Addresses multiple resource concerns  (PDF; 55 KB)
BRA06 - Improves wildlife habitat and water quality  (PDF; 57 KB)
BRA07 - Addresses multiple resource concerns  (PDF; 76 KB)

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