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Suggested Activities to Promote Civil Rights Awareness

Hands Holding the World

  • Write a civil rights article for News Bytes.

  • Participate in career days / job fairs activities.

  • Identify new minority and limited resource cooperators.

  • Participate in school activities to promote civil rights.

  • Participate in ethnic organizations (e.g., Blacks in Government, National

  • Organization of Professional Hispanic NRCS Employees, etc.).

  • Speak at professional society meetings concerning civil rights (e.g., Lions Club, Soil & Water Conservation Society, etc.).

  • Attend/participate in a women's or minority conference.

  • Give CR presentations at field, area office, or other meetings.

  • Participate in a radio/TV/cable talk show to promote civil rights awareness.

  • Present civil rights modules/videos to district boards.

  • Document civil rights success stories.

  • Edit gender references out of technical material.

  • Volunteer to teach/translate English, science, etc., materials to a minority group.

  • Attend a presentation on a civil rights subject.

  • Document civil rights recruitment efforts for local district board.

  • Make or participate in a civil rights video.

  • Talk about cultural diversity experiences at a staff meeting.

  • Review a civil rights video in the office.

  • Bring a speaker on a civil rights topic.

  • Propose civil rights suggestions to the Civil Rights Advisory Committee.

  • Attend a Civil Rights Advisory Committee meeting.

  • Share civil rights success story at a Civil Rights Advisory Committee meeting.

  • Actively encourage districts to recruit minority board members.

  • Volunteer to mentor, tutor, translate, etc.

  • Provide direct assistance to individuals in search of employment.