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Student Career Experience Program (SCEP)

The Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) provides high-potential college students valuable work experience in their chosen field of study as well as full-time employment opportunities upon graduation.  Most students are placed directly in NRCS field offices and work side by side with the professional staff.  Combining paid employment with formal education periods, SCEP provides unique opportunities for both the student and the employer.

Your college cooperative education office and employing office will work with you to develop a work schedule that will complement your academic requirements.  Work periods may be served with full-or part-time schedules, or a combination of both.  You must carry at least a half-time academic course load, as defined by the college or high school.  You must register with your Career Placement Office or your high school placement office before applying to the SCEP program. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be at least 16 years old;

  • Must have United States citizenship;

  • Must maintain good academic standing with at least a 2.5 GPA in a qualifying educational institution and must be enrolled at least half-time; and

  • Must be enrolled in and pursuing a field of study that relates to the career fields offered by NRCS;

  • Preferably 1st and 2nd year students so NRCS can guide you in meeting program requirements.

Work Periods

  • Students typically work from mid-May to mid-August (summer break).

  • NRCS and students work together to design schedules that work best for everyone.  Many students return summer after summer.

  • Students must be flexible and mobile as they will be assigned to a different field office every summer during their four year program of study and employment with NRCS-ID SCEP program.

  • Students are required to complete a minimum of 640 hours of career-related work prior to meeting the academic requirements for graduation.

  • Upon successful completion of all your work study and degree requirements, you may be eligible to be converted to a permanent position within 120 calendar days of graduation. 

Pay and Benefits

  • Your initial rate of pay will depend upon your education and work experience.

  • You are eligible for paid vacation days, holidays, sick leave, retirement, and investment planning.  As you advance, you will be eligible for promotions, awards, and other pay increases.

Health and Life Insurance

  • You are eligible for Federal health insurance plans and life insurance that provides varying coverage to meet individual needs.

SCEP Availability

The numbers of SCEP positions filled each year will depend on the need of Idaho Natural Resources Conservation Service. 

SCEP Mobility

During the summer months, SCEP employees will be sent to work in different field offices during the four year program with NRCS.   Working in different field offices will allow for valuable experience for both the field office and the SCEP employee.

For more information on this program contact:




Attn: Human Resources
9173 W. Barnes Drive, Suite C
Boise, ID  83709

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