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National CAD Settings

Updated March 22, 2006


National NRCS CAD standard files (B Notation)

  • Template drawing files
  • Borders & Title Blocks for 11x17 & 22x34
  • Drawings Standards checker file
  • Symbols, Blocks, and Bar Scales
  • Tool Palettes for 11x17 & 22x34
  • Prototype settings for Eagle Point projects

Customized NRCS/EP menus for use within Autodesk Map (V2.00b)

  • Eagle Point shortcut menus including RoadCalc for waterway design
  • NRCS macros/tools
  • Tool Palette switching tool
  • Tool bars for many of these functions

NRCS macros/tools

Storage Pond - Places CAD graphics for rectangular earthen storage pond. Slope projections can be done from the exterior line to find the catchline to the original ground surface using Eagle Point (EP) or other software.

Send Pool Data to NRCS - Opens a spreadsheet that converts EP watershed modeling .SAP files into SITES, WinPond or HydroYardage formats. The HydroYardage & WinPond conversion can also include a station/elevation file for calculating earthwork quantities.

Wave Protection (TR-56) - Design of wave protection for earth dams by calculating effective fetch and wave height based on the normal pool contour. 

Auxiliary Spillway Layout - Places CAD graphics for vegetated spillway of a dam. The layout includes a curved inlet, a straight control segment, a straight downstream reach and a curved outlet segment. Slope projections can be done to find the catchlines using EP or other software.

Plunge Pool - Places CAD graphics for a riprap lined scour hole. Lines for riprap, coarse drainfill, and fine drainfill can be used to create surfaces for volume calculations. Can be used in conjunction with a spreadsheet (IaPlungePool.xls) to size the plunge pool.

NRCS Coordinate Extractor - Creates a text file from a 3D Polyline with Coordinates and Station/Elevation. Creates a Station/Elevation file from a 2D Polyline allowing the using of an Eagle Point profile coordinate system for determining the values.

Calculate Acres - Adds text to the drawing showing the area of a polyline in acres.

Quad Split - Splits an object into 4 pieces. Can be useful for subdividing quarter sections.

Convert Units - Converts units between feet and inches, decimal feet, and millimeters.

Convert UTM Coordinates - Converts postion between NAD 83 UTM Coordinates and Latitude/Longitude.

Calculate Average Slope - Takes a report created by the Eagle Point Analyze Slopes process and displays the average slope at the top of that table.

Reverse Nodes - Reverses the order of the nodes in a polyline.

Cross Section Labeler - Places a label in the hyperlink property field for a 3D polyline. The label is used by the Draw Floodlines macro.

Draw Floodlines - Import HEC_RAS data into CAD & draws polylines corresponding to flooding levels.


Updated March 22, 2006

Tool Palette switching works for all CAD platforms based on AutoCAD 2006, not just Map 2006. RoadCalc NRCS plan & profile sheets corrected for plotting profile line.