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Nutrient Management

The NRCS has developed the tools below to aid in the development of Nutrient Management Plans (NMP) and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP). These tools are for your use. 

USDA-NRCS Conservation Practice Standard 590 - Nutrient Management (PDF)  October 2013 | Fact Sheet - What's New That Affects You in the Iowa 590 Standard? (PDF)

Treating Nitrates

4R Nutrient Stewardship

IMMAG - Iowa Manure Management Action Group
Manure Management Series Publications

Nutrient Management Resources

Leaching Index

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Examples

A new format for the Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan has been developed. The format is outlined in the Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Technical Criteria national instruction (Title 190, Part 304, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, September 2009). Plans meeting this format can be developed using Purdue's Manure Management Planner software. Example documents demonstrating the CNMP and the Producer Activity Document are linked below.

Nutrient Management Plan Examples

Example nutrient management plans are provided below. Additionally, the plan will include resource inventories, maps, and nutrient budgets. Watch for changes to these examples by the first quarter 2013.

Iowa Phosphorus Index

Iowa NRCS and Iowa State University has developed an Iowa Phosphorus Index (PI). The Iowa PI is an assessment tool for the purpose of evaluating the potential of off site phosphorus movement. This Iowa PI is to be used when a NMP is being developed based on the 590 Standard and one of the following conditions exist: 1. When manure is applied. 2. Soil loss is above the tolerable level (T). 3. The planning area is within an identified nutrient impaired watershed. 4. The soil test phosphorus levels are above optimum.


Iowa NRCS has developed two checklists for your use. These check lists should be used as a final check as to the completeness of the NMP. The CNMP checklist will be updated by the first quarter 2013 to reflect changes in the CNMP format.

CNMP Development Tools

Eric Hurley, Nutrient Management Specialist
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