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Cultural Resources

A cultural resource is a site, structure, object or district, usually more that 50 years old, that relates to the past. Federal law protects "significant" sites that are important to our past.

The following documents require Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Presentations
How to Identify an Alluvial Fan - a landform that is important to cultural resources compliance (PPT, 3 MB)
Archeological Sites and High Probability Locations (PPT, 1.2 MB)
Cultural Resources Indicators (PPT, 1.3 MB)
How to Take Burials, Burial Mounds, and Human Remains into Account (PPT, 752 KB)
Surveying Structures (PPT, 653 KB)

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

Requesting State Office Assistance for Potential Archeological Impacts (PDF, 1 MB)

Quality Assurance
Cultural Resources Determination Flowchart (PDF, 47 KB)
Handbook Amendment 190-H, Supplement IA 1st Edition Part 601 (PDF) June 19, 2014

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