Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative (MRBI)

A bioreactor is being constructed in north central Iowa.To improve the health of the Mississippi River Basin, including water quality and wildlife habitat, the Natural Resources Conservation Service is developing the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative (MRBI). Through this new Initiative, NRCS and its partners will help producers in selected watersheds in the Mississippi River Basin voluntarily implement conservation practices that avoid, control, and trap nutrient runoff; improve wildlife habitat; and maintain agricultural productivity.

These improvements will be accomplished through a conservation systems approach to manage and optimize nitrogen and phosphorous within fields to minimize runoff and reduce downstream nutrient loading. NRCS will provide producers assistance with a system of practices that will control soil erosion, improve soil quality, and provide wildlife habitat while managing runoff and drainage water for improved water quality.

The Initiative builds on the past efforts of producers, NRCS, partners, and other State and Federal agencies in the 13-State Initiative area to address nutrient loading in the Mississippi River Basin. Nutrient loading contributes to both local water quality problems and the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico. The 12 participating States are Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

NRCS offers this Initiative through fiscal year 2014, dedicating at least $80 million in each fiscal year. This is in addition to the agency's regular program funding in the 13 Initiative States and funding by other Federal agencies, States, and partners and the contributions of producers.

NRCS accepts and processes MRBI applications on a continuous basis. However, NRCS sets dates to prioritize applications as funding allows. The first batching and ranking of applications for fiscal year 2014 is Oct. 4, 2013. The second cutof date for batching and ranking applications is Feb. 21, 2014. Contact your local NRCS office for more details.

Iowa MRBI Information


Iowa MRBI 2012-13 Projects

Project Name Counties Lead Sponsor Project Area Map Fact Sheets Contact

Lindsey-Honey Creek Watershed

2014 Practice List (PDF)

Delaware, Clayton Delaware SWCD Lindsey Creek, Honey Creek, Allison Creek Map (PDF) Lindsey-Honey Creek Fact Sheet (Coming Soon) Wayne Brunsman (563) 927-4590

Lytle Creek Watershed

2014 Practice List (PDF)

Jackson, Dubuque Jackson SWCD Otter Creek, Washington Mills, Lytle Creek Map (PDF) Lytle Creek Fact Sheet (PDF, 3 MB) Amy Eads (563) 652-2337
North Raccoon River Partnership Buena Vista, Pocahontas, Clay Buena Vista SWCD
Pocahontas SWCD
Lateral 6, Headwaters North Raccoon River, Lateral 2, Lateral 3, Headwaters Little Cedar Creek, Drainage Ditch 67, Little Cedar Creek Map (PDF) North Raccoon Partnership Fact Sheet (PDF, 3 MB) Anita Patrick (712) 732-3096 x3

Upper Cedar MRBI Watershed Project

2014 Practice List (PDF)

Chickasaw, Floyd Chickasaw SWCD, Floyd SWCD Beaver Creek, Colwell County Park-Little Cedar River, Gizzard Creek, Little Cedar River Map (PDF) Upper Cedar Fact Sheet:
Chickasaw (PDF, 3 MB)
Floyd (PDF, 3 MB)
Dennis Sande (641) 394-2513
Putnam County Headwaters Locust Creek and West Locust Creek MRBI Project Putnam (MO), Wayne Putnam SWCD Locust Creek, West Locust Creek Map (PDF) Headwaters Locust Creek and West Locust Creek Fact Sheet Monica McGrew (641) 872-1350
Cedar Creek Watershed Project Pocahontas, Buena Vista, Palo Alto, Clay Pocahontas SWCD Headwaters Cedar Creek, Drainage Ditch 21-Cedar Creek, Drainage Ditch 74-Cedar Creek Map (PDF, 3 MB) Cedar Creek Fact Sheet (PDF) Anita Patrick (712) 732-3096 x3
Prairie Creek Watershed Project Kossuth, Humboldt, Hancock, Wright Humboldt SWCD Headwaters Prairie Creek, Drainage Ditch 117, Drainage Ditch 116-Prairie Creek, Drainage Ditch 118-Prairie Creek Map (PDF, 3 MB) Prairie Creek Fact Sheet (PDF) Emily Funk
(515) 295-5156
Adoption of Nutrient Management Technology Enhancements in Targeted Iowa Watersheds (North Raccoon and Boone)

ACWA 2013 Practice Descriptions and Payment Rates (PDF)

Greene, Webster, Hamilton, Wright, Calhoun, Dallas, Guthrie Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance and Watershed Partners Boone and North Raccoon River Watersheds North Raccoon (Greene)
North Raccoon (Webster)
Boone (Wright)
Boone (Hamilton)
Dallas, Guthrie, Greene (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Fact Sheet (PDF) Heath Ellison (515) 334-1045
North Raccoon River Watershed: Adaptive Management for Water Quality Greene, Webster, Guthrie, Dallas Greene SWCD East & West Buttrick Creek
Fannys Branch-North Raccoon River
Map (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Map (PDF, 1.1 MB)
North Raccoon:
Dallas (PDF)
Webster (PDF)
Greene (PDF)
Mike Tighe (515) 386-3817

Farm Creek Watershed Project

2014 Practice List (PDF)

Jones, Dubuque Jones SWCD Farm Creek Map (PDF, 915 KB) Farm Creek (PDF) Vacant (319) 462-3196, x3

Cline Branch North Fork Watershed Initiative

2014 Practice List (PDF)

Jackson, Jones Jackson SWCD Cline Branch-North Fork Maquoketa River Map (PDF, 1.1 MB) Cline Branch:
Jackson (PDF)
Jones (PDF)
Amy Eads (563) 652-2337

Headwaters North Fork Maquoketa River Project

2014 Practice List (PDF)

Dubuque, Delaware, Clayton Dubuque SWCD Bear Creek, Coffee Creek-North Fork Maquoketa River, Hewitt Creek Map (PDF, 1.3 MB) NF Maquoketa:
Delaware (PDF)
Dubuque (PDF)
Theresa Weiss (563) 876-3418, x3
Targeted Nutrient Removal in the Boone River Watershed Hamilton, Wright Hamilton SWCD
Wright SWCD
Headwaters White Fox Creek, Eagle Creek, White Fox Creek, Buck Creek, Lyons Creek, Drainage Ditch 206, Headwaters Eagle Creek, Little Eagle Creek Map (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Map (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Boone River:
Hamilton (PDF)
Wright (PDF)

Bruce Voigts (515) 532-2165

Emily Funk
(515) 295-5156

Upper Buttrick Creeks Project Webster, Greene, Calhoun Webster SWCD Headwaters West Buttrick Creek, Tank Pond, Headwaters East Buttrick Creek Map (PDF, 1 MB) Upper Buttrick (PDF) Sam Adams
(515) 832-2916
Buena Vista North Raccoon Headwater Project Buena Vista Buena Vista SWCD Lateral 4, Poor Farm Creek, Outlet Creek, Drainage Ditch 101-North Raccoon River Map (PDF, 1.1 MB) BV North Raccoon (PDF) Anita Patrick (712) 732-3096 x3
Upper Little Medicine Creek

FY12 EQIP Policy (XLS)
FY12 Ranking Questions (DOC)

Wayne, Mercer (MO) Mercer (MO) SWCD Upper Little Medicine Creek Map (PDF, 651 KB) EQIP Policies (PDF) Monica McGrew (641) 872-1350
Buckworth Creek-Headwaters Medicine Creek Putnam (MO), Wayne Putnam (MO), Wayne Buckworth Creek, Medicine Creek Headwaters Map (PDF) EQIP Policies (PDF) Monica McGrew (641) 872-1350

Spring Creek MRBI Watershed Project

2014 Practice List (PDF)

Mitchell, Floyd Mitchell SWCD Spring Creek Map (PDF, 832 KB) Spring Creek:
Mitchell (PDF)
Floyd (PDF)
Jason Foss
(641) 732-5504


Practice List & Payment Rates

Other MRBI Information Sources

  • Register as an Interested Partner - To help coordinate the activities of potential MRBI partners, the National Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils has developed a website for groups to register as an interested partner

National MRBI Information

Paul Goldsmith, EQIP Coordinator
Phone: 515-284-4353