National Water Quality Initiative

A farmer knifes in manure in Hardin County.Through the National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI), NRCS is offering financial and technical assistance to farmers interested in improving water quality and aquatic habitats in priority watersheds with impaired streams. NRCS will help producers implement conservation and management practices through a systems approach to control and trap nutrient and manure runoff. Qualified producers will receive assistance for installing conservation practices such as cover crops, filter strips and terraces.

Sign-up Cutoff Dates
Iowa NRCS has established two cutoff dates for applicants in approved NWQI watersheds for 2013. The first cutoff date will be February 21, 2014. A second cutoff date has been established for March 21, 2014. A third cutoff date to batch and rank applications has been set for the Wall Lake Inlet (Black Hawk Lake) Watershed for June 20, 2014.

Badger Creek Watershed has established a third cutoff date to batch and rank applications for Aug. 15, 2014.

  • Through NWQI, farmers may be eligible for edge-of-field water quality monitoring. This practice addresses three primary purposes: 1. evaluate conservation system performance, 2. validate and calibrate models, and 3. inform on-farm adaptive management. To sign up for edge-of-field water quality monitoring, Visit your local NRCS office for more information.
  • For farmers in the Badger Creek Watershed, the NWQI project has a limit to $75,000 to fund cover crops in fiscal year 2013, and a limit of 500 acres per applicant for cover crops.


Iowa Priority Watershed Maps

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