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Steps for Preparing Mid-Year Progress Reviews

1. Review documentation you have about the employee's performance.

You should have been keeping good documentation (e.g., work samples, logs, records, and other documentation) throughout the performance period. Now look at it to assess how the employee is performing and meeting expectations. Follow these simple guidelines.

  • Keep your observations of performance objective (focused on behavior), not subjective.

  • Have concrete examples to support your assessment.

  • Don't hold the employee accountable for factors beyond his or her control; for example, changes in workload, priorities, duties, and opportunities may affect employee performance.

2. Compare current performance with expectations.

Compare your observations about the employee's current performance with the measurable standards in his or her performance plan. Identify areas of success and areas of concern.

3. Assess developmental opportunities.

Has the employee completed developmental opportunities that have affected performance? Determine if additional opportunities are needed, based on your concerns.

4. Help the employee prepare for the meeting.

  • Agree on a specific time and place for the discussion.

  • Explain the purpose of the meeting and what will be discussed.

  • Make sure the employee has a copy of his or her performance plan.

  • Suggest that the employee bring additional work samples that highlight his or her performance.

  • Ask the employee to think about his or her areas of strength and areas for development.

5. Document the employee's accomplishments in a written narrative.

The narrative should describe the employee's accomplishments for each element. The narrative should be brief and specific and address the breadth, score and/or impact of the employee's achievements.