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Passwords/System Access

eAuthentication is the system used by USDA agencies to enable employees and customers to obtain accounts that will allow them to access USDA Web applications and services via the Internet. This includes things such as submitting forms electronically, completing surveys online, checking the status of your USDA accounts, and accessing a variety of NRCS systems (TCAS, AgLearn, my.NRCS, and more). 

Human Resources will contact new employees during their 4th week of employment with instructions for accessing eAuthentication-protected systems. Once you have an eAuthentication account, you can change your password or replace a lost/forgotten password by following the instructions on the eAuthentication website. Human Resources CANNOT reset your eAuthentication account.

Employee Personal Page
The Employee Personal Page (EPP) allows an employee to view their payroll, leave, travel, health and life insurance, savings bond, and other personal information, read news items from their agency or the National Finance Center, and link to their favorite sites.

Employees can also use the Self-Service option in the EPP to change their Residence Address, Federal and State Tax withholding, Financial Allotments, and Direct Deposit information. New users will need to request a password following the instructions provided on the website; if you have lost or forgotten your EPP password you will need to request a new one using the "Forgot Password" instructions also provided on the website.

Previously called ICAMS, allows employees to view their personnel history, awards, performance work plan, and more. This system can be accessed through a link on the my.NRCS website or directly at Your initial login and password will be issued to you by Human Resources during your 3rd or 4th week of employment. You should go into the EmpowHR immediately upon receiving your password to load your employee profile information and establish password hints; then at least once a pay period afterwards in order to keep your password current. If you can't remember your password, or lock yourself out of EmpowHR you can often generate a new password using the "Did you forget your password?" link. If that process does not work, please contact Human Resources for assistance at 515-284-4587. 

Web TCAS (the Total Combined Administrative System) is the system used by NRCS employees for recording and submitting their timesheet.  TCAS should be accessed through the link on the my.NRCS website using your EAuthentication login and password.

Thrift Savings Plan  
Every new Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) participant receives an account and a four-digit computer-generated PIN via mail. Once you have your PIN you can change it to a 4-digit PIN of your choice, either in the Account Access section of the TSP web site (after logging in with your account number and computer-generated PIN), or over the ThriftLine WHAT IS THE NUMBER?. If you lose or forget your account or PIN, you can request a new computer-generated PIN from the Login page in the Account Access section of this Web site (before logging in) or over the ThriftLine. (Once you have requested a new PIN, your old PIN will become invalid.) You will receive your new account or PIN in approximately 10 days.)